Saturday 10th June 2017

Today was a really long, but pretty productive day. Although I have to say, when ‘productive’ involves sorting through stuff and packing, we finish the day not looking a whole lot different to the morning. There are a couple of extra boxes here and there, and the stuff lying around is different stuff to what was there in the morning, but at a casual glance it all still looks chaotic. However I think we are making progress, and that’s good.

I finished Emma’s desk today. Troy and I went to Bunnings after breakfast and bought handles for the drawers (which cost more than the desk- since the desk cost $20 and we needed eight handles, I still think we’ve got a good deal). We came home and Troy sawed the screws down to fit and I screwed the handles on and then stood back and admired it. It looks great, and Emma’s very happy.

I packed all my yarn and some of my craft books, and went through more stuff on my desk and in the study. I found years worth of school photos of the kids. I’m so slack – I must try and put them together in the album once we have moved.

It was Sophie’s 10th birthday a week or so ago, so this afternoon we drove to Steve and Jean’s house (via Healesville to pick up my prescription) for a birthday tea. They’ve rearranged their house to fit the pool table in, which made dinner a kind of crowded mess, but also meant we could play pool. Dinner- I really just think Jean needs to accept that with so many people in the family it is not practical to have everyone sitting around the table. Just because we can cram everyone into seats and benches doesn’t mean it’s comfortable or actually works in terms of people being able to eat! I think we need to do a more casual thing, where people can sit at the table or the kids can have a picnic on the floor. However it is not my house, and therefore not my rules, and I think I’m just going to have to suffer through it on this one.

Pool was fun though. The kids played before tea, and then after tea we all played that game where you draw a card and that’s your pool ball. Everyone takes it in turns to have a shot, and if you sink someone else’s ball then they are out, and if you sink your own you win. Astonishingly I won both games- I have hardly played pool since uni, so I definitely think this was more an act of luck than of skill!

Troy and I are enjoying our regular Saturday evening of UFC. I think it’s the last dvd in this current ‘Champions’ boxset that we are going through though, so we will have to look for another collection.


Emma’s desk when we bought it.


Emma’s desk now.