Friday 9th June 2017

The school gave me a present at assembly, an engraved jewellery box. So hard not to just sob in front of all the kids! But I told them that I’d loved being their teacher and that I hope they work hard and enjoy doing different languages as they go through school.

They haven’t been able to find another Indonesian teacher, so they’re switching to Japanese. It’s a little disappointing that they couldn’t continue with Indonesian (just because I love it and really think it’s a perfect language for kids to learn, as well as a fascinating and accessible culture) but I think it’s great that they’ll have the opportunity to experience a different language system. In an hour or less a week they’re never going to attain real fluency, so exposing them to different languages will be a really good experience for them.

I had to make a doctor appointment today, so I could get a new prescription for the thyroid medication. Unfortunately the surgery here was completely booked for the whole day, so I had to go back to the clinic that we used to go to when we lived in Healesville. I haven’t been there since 2011, so she pulls up my history and was like, “Are you still on Zoloft?” I just said no and let it go- I was only there because I am disorganised and did not realise until last night that I wouldn’t have enough medication to get me through the long weekend.

I also painted three coats of gloss on Emma’s new desk, and I think it’s going to look lovely. I thought about sanding the top of it back and restaining it, but I’ve decided not to. If it were going to be on display in the house then I might, but it’s not to bad and since it’s going into Emma’s room and will be covered in books and drawings and papers within a week it doesn’t seem worth the effort. I want to go and buy new knobs for the drawers tomorrow, and once they’re screwed in we will put all the drawers back in and put it out in the garage to wait for the movers.