Wednesday 7th June 2017

Oh my god, the prawn crackers. ALL the prawn crackers. And to think I chose prawn crackers for my food day tomorrow because I thought it would be EASY! And…well, obviously it wasn’t actually that difficult, but it took HOURS. And now my house reeks of oil and prawn crackers and there’s a big oil splotch on the deck right by the front door because I was going to tip it out in the garden when I was done and it splashed out!

Apart from prawn crackers, I got a few other things done today. I dropped the kids off at school and then went to Bunnings to buy some paint (and a paintbrush, sandpaper and drop sheet) for Emma’s new desk. Since I was there I walked across the car park to JB for the next season of the Simpsons, which turned out to be quite good timing since they had 20% off all their dvds. I continued driving to Ringwood to buy even more book boxes, and then returned home to begin the Herculean task of frying prawn crackers. Which kept me busy for the rest of the morning, and then for the first hour of craft. For the second half of craft I made two candles, then washed my candle making stuff and packed it in a box ready for moving, and then it was time to go and pick up the boys from school. I picked them up, dropped Jericho off at home with Emma, and then drove Soren to his swimming lesson. He and I went and bought a pizza from Baker’s Delight for dinner and then came home, and I finally got to just sit down and be quiet.

Troy left work early and took Emma and Jericho to hockey training. Alyssa met them there, and they all got home a little after eight. Alyssa is going to come to school with me tomorrow, to help me make soda gembira and share her Indo knowledge with the children. I thought we’d just get up youtube on the interactive whiteboard and Alyssa can find some fun Indo music videos for them, since they all liked that last time we did it. She also bought her crazy possessed puppet, so really we are in for the Indo lesson of a lifetime, I’m sure.