Tuesday 6th June 2017

I am so proud of Emmanuella! Today was the ‘Literary Lunch’ at her school, where she was given her writing prize. All the winners had to read their entries out, and Emma did such a good job. Her writing was excellent, and she read it so beautifully- she amazes me sometimes. I am so lucky to be her mum.

Emma was happy with the $50 book voucher she got, but she was probably equally happy with the provided lunch- girl does like to eat, and there were delicious tiny cupcakes and peanut butter/mallow fudge, and strawberries and grapes and pineapple. (And jelly slice, and sandwiches, and little quiches and sausage rolls and party pies…I hope she wins again next year, ha ha ha).

I also had to take Soren to the dentist today, which was not quite as fun. Not that it was bad- he had four sealants done and a fluoride treatment applied, which all went off without drama. Hopefully this will prevent some cavities in the future. We’ll also have fluoridated water after we move, which we don’t have here, so that will probably be good for the children’s teeth. Good for my teeth too- my medication has a pretty negative impact on my dental health, so anything to help that is probably a good thing. I mean, I didn’t go to the dentist for ten years and when I finally went I only needed three little fillings, since I started taking so much medicine I pretty much need work done every single time I go, even after only a year.

Troy, Jericho, Soren and I drove over to South Morang tonight to pick up the desk I bought for $20 off ebay. It’s going to be for Emma at the new house. It’s a plain, sturdy pine desk with eight drawers, but I’m going to paint the base of it white (so it will match her white bed and bookshelf) and leave the top with the honey stain that it has now.

I’m doing pretty well with finding second hand furniture that we want for the new house. I’ve bought two beds with trundles for Emma and Jericho, the desk for Emma, the sofa bed, and the lounge suite for the deck. I am still looking for a bookcase for Soren, but I think that’s the last thing I’m hoping to pick up off ebay or Gumtree. There are a couple of things that I want to buy new, but they can wait (and maybe I’ll come across them second hand anyway).