Sunday 4th June 2017

Two more weeks until we move.

Today Adam came over to help Troy move the dresser out of the kitchen, and over to his mum and dad’s house. The wall behind where it stood here is still yellow (because I wasn’t going to move it to paint) and looks so weirdly bright. I went and bought paint today, so soon it shall match the rest of the kitchen- I thought it was hardly fair to move out and leave one yellow wall with messy grey paint around the edges.

Today was really just a slow, nothing kind of day. I was tired from staying up watching UFC with Troy last night, and didn’t really want to do anything. I did things, but just…nothing much.

Of course there was laundry. There is always washing to be done. I am really, really looking forward to having an actual laundry room instead of just a laundry cupboard. Not that it will lessen the amount of washing that has to be done, but at least I’ll be able to shut the door on it and hopefully not hear the washing machine and dryer going 24 hours a day.