Saturday 3rd June 2017

I just sold all the bedroom furniture cluttering up my living room! I’m $100 richer than I was this morning, and my lounge room looks really spacious after being full of furniture for a week.

I packed several boxes today, which is good. I packed one in Emma’s room (mainly full of Schleichs and Littlest Pet Shops- it’s like everything she owns is plastic and fiddly), and finished packing up all the books in the library, as well as some scrapbooks and photos albums and flattened cube storage boxes. Troy went through the books so I could pack them, and then moved the packed boxes out of the kids’ bedrooms and into the library.

The kids are all good, although both Jericho and Soren have complained about the lack of trampoline. Jericho actually tried to pick a fight with me about it this afternoon- he accused me of not caring about him. Kiddo, you’re banned from the trampoline because I DO care about you!

At least Jericho had hockey this morning to occupy him. His team won, which is good since they’re now in a higher grouping, and he said he played okay. After hockey he and Troy went to the Hog’s Breath Café so he could use his voucher for some lunch, and he thought that was great. So really, he has no room to complain about not being allowed to use the trampoline. It’s only for two more weeks, as we’ll be at Steve and Jean’s then and they have a trampoline.

Of course, having a trampoline ASAP at the new house does rely on getting our deposit money released to us, which has not happened so far. I hope we don’t have to wait too much longer, because I’m sick of looking up our bank balance before I buy anything more expensive than a loaf of bread.

I haven’t heard much from Nicholai while he’s been in Germany. I’m assuming that no news is good news and he’s having fun and doing well. It’s quiet here without him- I think I’ll feel better when he’s home.