Friday 2 June 2017

Troy and Emma are away at hockey and Nicholai is still in Germany, so it’s just Jericho, Soren and I hanging out tonight. We’re all tucked up in crocheted blankets watching Star Wars, and it’s lovely.

I went in to school this morning to help Soren carry his teacher’s goodbye present, which was a teeny succulent garden in a pot. We also gave a bag of Scooby Snacks to Angus, her dog, as he and Luna are best dog friends. Actually, that goodbye card for Angus was really cute- we glued on photos of the two dogs and used an ink pad to stamp Luna’s pawprint. I really love that we have dogs at our school. Anyway, Hayley broke open the Scooby snacks and Luna and Angus both had one, and then sat up gazing adoringly at the bag on the counter until Hayley caved and gave them another one.

Jericho had a sports day, which he left for as soon as the day started. I saw him on his way out and he looked pretty miserable. When I asked him if he was okay he told me how much he doesn’t like sports and he didn’t want to go- he looked uncomfortably near tears.

It’s so difficult. I’ve never had a child so consistently not want to go to school for no real reason before. They’ve all had off days, or times when they weren’t that enthusiastic, but Jericho has recently been claiming that he feels sick before school and he doesn’t want to go, which I’ve never really had to deal with. I mean, Soren cried every time I dropped him off at crèche for six months, but this is different. I really don’t think anything terrible is going on at school- he is always reasonably cheerful when I pick him up and he talks about his day without any distress. I spoke to his teacher when I was up there yesterday and she said that he’s been fine during school. Although she also said that there’s quite a few of them in the class that have been a bit off and out of sorts recently- maybe they’re just tired from the long term, or they’re a bit down with the sudden onset of cold winter weather, and so the general mood is low.

I’m also sure that our move is playing in to this. It’s raising Jericho’s general anxiety level, and maybe this is just his way of letting us know. I really hope that his transition to the new school goes smoothly, and that he makes some good friends there. He’s such a good kid, and I wish he had more kids his own age that were kindred spirits.

He was also unhappy today because people are mistaking him for a girl- at both the sports today and at the high school last time other kids and teachers have thought he was a girl. It kind of surprises me, because I don’t actually think he looks very feminine at all, but I guess the fact that he has hair in a ponytail is enough.

I was surprisingly productive today, for a cold and blah sort of day, but packing some boxes and working on the front garden. I emptied out the cupboards in the dresser, and was really pretty amazed by the sheer number of pillowcases we own. I packed my nativity sets and most of the linen that was in the blanket box at the foot of our bed too, once again setting aside things to donate. I also packed up most of my teaching resources, which was a little bittersweet but also something of a relief.

Hopefully the person who wants to buy this bed turns up tomorrow as promised, and I can get that out of the way. Troy is taking Jericho to hockey, and I think will take him to Hogs Breath Café on the way home so that Jericho can use the voucher he won for being best on ground the other week. I will have to take things out of the drawers in the dresser, as Troy has arranged for Adam to help him move that on Sunday. (I do not know why he asked Adam to help him instead of Brett, who lives five minutes away!) I also want to get into Emma’s room and start some packing in there, while I have her with me to make decisions.