Thursday 1st June 2017

I had a phone call from the English coordinator at the high school today, because Emma is the Year 8 winner of the school’s Education Week writing competition. I’m so proud of her! She has been writing all the time lately, and I know how good it is so I wasn’t exactly surprised, but at the same time there are like 300 kids in her year so it’s totally brilliant on her part! They’re having a presentation next Tuesday for the winners, so I’m going to go and clap hard for my girl. She can invite up to four people, but I think it will be just me since Troy will be at work and Grandma and Pop will still be in Germany. If she lets me, I’ll get a copy of her writing and put it on here too.

I’m also invited to go to her school the following week for the Year 8 ‘Significant Person’ presentation. They have to do a cross-curriculum project on a significant person in their life. I was Emma’s significant person (awww, I love my girl) and I’m her parent, so I shall trot off to that as well if I can.

Today was my second last day of teaching, which feels a little surreal. It went okay though. I told the kids we’d have snacks and drinks next week, so I’m committed now! Really, I think it will be fun- I’m going to find some more Indo music videos that we can watch too, since everyone really enjoyed that last time. It means I won’t need my teaching resources anymore either, so I can basically pack my whole study now.

Tomorrow is Soren’s teacher’s last day before she goes on long service leave. She’s going to Europe- it’s going to be amazing, and I do love her so I hope she has a great time, but I also wish she was going to be there for our last few weeks! This is the second year she’s taught Soren, and she also taught Jericho for two years, so she really knows the kids well and has always taken such care of them.

It’s one of the things that I will miss about being at such a small school- the continuity of care of that we’ve had. The teachers know my kids, they know our family, they know our history, and they’ve been so supportive of us and really nurtured my kids through a lot – autism and anxiety and new babies and bushfire trauma and mental health crises, as well as the regular day-to-day school issues of learning and friends. There will be other things that the big school will offer that a small school can’t, but that’s one of the things that I will really miss.

The people who bought our house are going to rent it out! I am completely shocked by this turn of events- I can’t believe you’d spend so much on something you didn’t just love and want to live in! Although perhaps that’s why they’re renting it out, because they spent so much on it and are now broke? They live with one of the people’s parents, so maybe they just want to keep living there, rent it out and save up enough money to redo the kitchen or whatever. Anyway, I found this out because a real estate agent (from the agency that is now selling the house on the corner) dropped by this afternoon to ask about the possibility of doing a rental appraisal. We don’t have to let them, obviously, but I don’t really mind so I set up an appointment for next week.

Ha ha, I was just talking to Troy about this and he said maybe they’re renting it out so that any repairs they want to do are tax deductible! He’s such an accountant.