Friday 30th June 2017

Today was the last day of term 2, and the last day for the kids at their current schools. I’ve never been that impressed with the high school, but damn it felt like a wrench leaving Dixons Creek today. The school has been so good for my kids, and for me, and there has always been something kind of special about the kids going to the same school that Troy went to when he was a kid. It felt sad to say goodbye today.

I’m not having a good day though, to be honest. I am just so freaking tired, and although we’re so close to everything being done it all just feels so hard and impossible right now.

The buyers of our house have asked for us to extend the settlement period for a week. Troy said we will give them that, but they have to pay our costs associated with the bridging finance for this portion of time. We already have bridging finance since we settled on our Ballarat house two weeks ago, so at least it’s all organised and we didn’t actually have to do anything in regards to this extension today. But I’m still not exactly thrilled. In the end it just delays us getting our money for a week, so I have to wait another week to go and buy anything- this is inconvenient but not exactly life destroying.

There’s also the fact that we will not be coming out of this buying and selling process with anywhere near the money I thought we would. As in, basically enough to buy Troy a new (second-hand car), buy the kids’ school uniforms, and buy a new clothes dryer (but not the good one I wanted). Everything else is just going to have to go on a list and we’ll get to it eventually. So I’m down about not having that money, and feeling like an idiot for not realising earlier that none of my plans were actually going to be possible.

Really, I think it’s just everything together feeling a bit much at the moment. I’m stressed about moving, and it all seems to be piling up on my shoulders and there’s nothing I can do about any of it.

I feel like I have no control in this situation at all- I didn’t get to move today like I wanted to (we’re leaving tomorrow morning), then Troy and Soren are going to the football on Sunday so Troy won’t be at home to help sort anything out, then on Monday Troy is coming back here to work and won’t be home until Wednesday night. I am so useless, and things just keep getting piling up and I don’t know quite what to do about it.

I mean, I knew he’d be down here to work and that it’s just this time of year that he has to do all this extra stuff, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t suck that I’ll be on my own with the kids and the mess and the half unpacked house to deal with.

I don’t know. All the bedrooms are unpacked, and most of the kitchen. I can unpack all the books and junk that will go in the family room- I can’t pick up boxes full of books, but I can use my Indo teaching trolley or get Troy to move them around before he goes. Not getting our settlement money is problematic in terms of unpacking because there are a couple of bits of furniture I need to buy before I have a place to put some stuff, but there’s not much I can do about that.

There will be a bunch of stuff that Troy will have to be the one to deal with, but I suppose I can dump it all in a box or in a pile for him to deal with at his leisure. Although that’s the problem- he doesn’t HAVE any leisure! At the moment he is somehow expecting to be able to start working from home when he has no office set up in the house at all. His computer is brand new and unopened, we’re not going to have internet until Thursday night, he has no office furniture at all, and the room is still filled up with boxes! Just the thought of it is stressing me out! Really, I have to just let him worry about that, and deal with the things that I can do something about. Troy’s study and the garage are his problem.

And my computer is still not working properly and that is just a step too far! I will have to find the Apple service centre in Ballarat and give them a call to see when I can take it in. It’s just the trackpad- surely they can fix that.

Really, I think I need to just give up on this tonight. Go to bed and sleep, and hope I feel better tomorrow. Even with all this stress it’s still exciting to be going to our new house, and I’m really looking forward to it starting to feel like home.


I wish I was the dog- she seems relaxed.

Thursday 29 June 2017

My computer trackpad is not working properly- this is a disaster. It won’t register my clicks, and then at other times it goes berserk and thinks I’m clicking and holding and starts highlighting everything and dragging windows all over my desktop in a frenzy.

My computer can’t break. At this point that might just break me. I was ready to run over to the Apple store at Doncaster immediately, but since it is still working a bit (I can mostly get around it by using a separate mouse, although the keyboard itself is being somewhat temperamental also) I am going to hold off til we move. If they are going to need to keep it to fix it or something, then it’s probably better if it’s somewhere close by so I can pick it up. I am also hoping that it will start working again, since it still does work sometimes- I could get lucky!

I had another pretty lazy day. I took the little boys to school, went and bought bananas, and then spent the rest of the morning by the fire by myself, since Steve and Jean were off taking Nana shopping. If it hadn’t been for me agonising over my potentially broken computer it would have been lovely. I got dressed only because I had to take Nicholai to his LGBTQ group this afternoon, but just as I was turning on to the street by his school to pick him up Troy rang me to say that Nicholai had messaged him, the group was cancelled, and he’d caught the bus home. So I just turned around and drove back- I suppose it was a nice afternoon for a drive, if nothing else.

Wednesday 28th June 2017

I did as little as possible today. I took the boys to school, then came back to Steve and Jean’s and went to sleep on the couch for much of the morning. I went to the office to pick up the rug that was delivered (we didn’t know where we’d be when it arrived, so we just had it sent to the office), then came home for a bit before I went up to the primary school. Their performing arts groups were all doing a little presentation, so the parents were invited to see them. Jericho and Soren were both in the drama group this term, but only Jericho was in the little play they did.

Jericho is certainly a bit of a performer. He told me that the other when he was talking to Khaled about moving, Brodie was listening and said, “Khaled, once Jericho leaves you will have to take over as the class clown.”

I was telling Soren and Jericho about my day, and when he heard I took them to school and then went home and had a morning nap, Soren shook his head and said, “Sometimes I wonder about your laziness!”

Although he’s in no position to criticise. Yesterday, while I was still in Ballarat, I had a message from the school saying that Soren had no lunch, and thought he might have left it in the car. Troy was in the city for the day, so I called Jean at work to see if she could do something. She went and looked in the car and it wasn’t there, so she looked at home, and then at school Soren had to retrace his steps to see if it had fallen out of his bag somewhere. None of this produced a lunchbag, so it was all a little mystery until home time, when Soren pulled his schoolbag out of his cubby and found his lunchbag sitting behind it, where it had been all along.

Tuesday 27 June 2017

I’m so tired today. I’m so tired every day- I hate moving and I wish it was all over.

I just want to feel like I live somewhere.


I unpacked Jericho’s room and some more stuff in the back living room this morning. I have to say that, although as a family we have a LOT of stuff, individually my kids don’t actually have that many toys. Excluding Nicholai who has quite a lot of books that filled up his room, the other bedrooms are looking somewhat bare. I think that a lot of the stuff that belongs to various children but was kept in my study or in the lounge room will have to go to their rooms now that they have the space for it.

I even scraped all the stickers off what was Emma’s and is now Jericho’s desk. That required a lot of eucalyptus oil and patience- the first was in plentiful supply, the second not so much.

I had to be back by 3.30 to pick up the little boys from school to take them for their haircut, so I left the house at around 12. I went to Officeworks first, and stopped for lunch a little bit later (where I admit I just say for a while because I hated the thought of getting back in the car and driving again), but then there were roadworks on the freeway, roadworks on the ring road, and roadworks on the Christmas hills road, and I wound up having to call Jean and ask her to pick up the boys because I wasn’t going to make it. It was 3.50 by the time I met them all at their hairdressers.

Haircuts went well though- Nicholai and Soren look all neat and respectable now. Jericho doesn’t really look any different, but he did have his ends neatened up a little bit. Emma had a giant pile of hair on the floor once she was done, but what is left is so straightened that I have no idea what length will be left in her hair once it’s washed and all curls up again. So we shall have to see.

My new uggs came today. They are purple and have ribbons on the back and are the warmest and cosiest slippers I have ever had.


Here’s a crappy picture of Emma’s pile of hair- it looks like a small furry creature.

Monday 26th June 2017

The ceasefire between the cats seems to be over. Ootchy just pounced at Nemesis. Although Nemesis hit back, so clearly things are still in a state of flux.

I’m back at my Ballarat house. All by myself, so it’s very quiet! I really wish we had just moved in already though- I’m so tired of driving.

I had a doctor appointment this morning, so I took the boys to school then packed some stuff in the car before I went to that. It turns out that my thyroid levels still aren’t right, so I have to increase that medication again. I also got her to write out prescriptions for all my other stuff, so that I don’t have to rush to make an appointment up here.

I had to drive over to GLN conveyencing after that to drop off some more things Troy and I had to sign. I really don’t remember having to sign and have witnessed and send back so many separate papers last time we bought a house. Since I was already halfway there I went to Costco after that to buy another hoodie for the cold Ballarat weather (although the fact that I am always freezing may be because of the thyroid issues, so maybe increasing the meds will mean I will occasionally feel warm?).

Of course all that meant I had to set the satnav to get me to Ballarat from there instead of going the usual way. I had go on the freeway to the city and through Kew and then skirt the city and go over the Westgate bridge, and although it wasn’t fun (I don’t really like driving places I’m not familiar with) I did it without any great distress so that was good.

Because of all that I didn’t get here until mid-afternoon. Once I’d got rid of the smell of the cats (I really can’t wait until we have a cat flap and they can go and shit outside like they’ve always done!) I started in on unpacking the kids’ rooms. I wanted to get all of their stuff out of boxes before they get here- they can spend the holidays rearranging their stuff to their heart’s content, but it will be easier to settle down here if their rooms are ready for them. I managed to get Soren, Emma and Nicholai’s rooms done, so that’s not too bad. I don’t have to be back until school pick up time, so I will have a bit of time tomorrow to keep on with the unpacking before I have to leave.

I had an unfortunate incident with the cat during my unpacking though. I had left Nicholai’s bottom drawer open after I’d unpacked things into it, and when I went to close it, it wouldn’t close. So of course I just shoved it harder a couple of times. When it absolutely refused to shut I gave up and pulled the drawer right out, only to find Ootchy cat trapped behind it! I’d been trying to shove the drawer closed with a cat squished behind it! Poor kitty immediately ran off and hid somewhere else- I searched for him because I was a bit worried I’d hurt him, but I have (obviously!) not discovered all the possible cat hiding places in this house and he had disappeared. He came out later though, and seemed quite happy as he sat next to me on the couch for a little while.

We can’t get our new lounge suite delivered until mid-July. I knew we’d probably have to wait, but I was hoping it would only be a week or two, not six! I guess we’ll all just have to watch tv sitting on the rug. (When the rug is delivered, since we don’t have that yet either).

Sunday 25th June 2017

It was the Shortest Lunch today – the sixteenth year in a row we’ve gone and done it. I actually don’t think there is anything else in my life that I have done for sixteen years in a row, except get a year older.

Anyway, we had beautiful weather and a lovely day, despite everyone being so incredibly tired! We began with our one constant, the apple pies at Yering Farm , although I said today it’s not as good now that the kids are bigger- when they were little they couldn’t eat all their pie and so I got their leftovers, but now they all scrape their plates!

We went to Wild Cattle Creek next. The kids shared some bowls of chips, Steve and Jean had the lamb shanks, and Troy and I both had a vegetarian filo pastry that was much fancier and more impressive than it sounds. It was so good too- food like that always makes me wish I liked to shop at farmers markets and cook it myself.

Our third stop was Boat’o’Craigo over in Healesville. Troy and Steve ate the paella, the kids and I ate churros with chocolate sauce, and Jean had a cup of tea.

Everyone else was really too tired to do another one after that, apart from Emma who had been hanging out all day to go to Miller’s and eat a chocolate factory brownie! So Steve dropped the rest of us off at the bottom of the driveway and he and Emma kept going.