Tuesday 30 May 2017

I fell off the step stool when I was getting things to pack down from the top of the wardrobe and nearly pulled off half my big toenail. It was already fairly badly damaged from the psoriasis, and now it’s kind of broken and there’s blood and it is just…aargh, so painful and so disgusting! The way my feet are going I think I am going to be wearing socks twenty four hours a day for the rest of my life. I am such a disaster.

After a whole lot of holding onto my toe and rolling around in agony, I did finish packing the box though. Troy went through all those power cords last night (and even threw some things out!) so they were in the bottom of the box and I just kept adding to it.

The one thing I have been enjoying with the packing is finding all those little things that you tuck away and forget about. Lots of letters and photos and funny things like that. I found a letter today that Rhiannon wrote to me and she gave me some swapcards with it, it was adorable. One of the other things I found today was my old wax seal kit- it has a metal stamp of the letter R, and the stubs of two wax sticks. When I was a teenager I used to write a million letters, and I used to use that on the envelope, which kind of makes me laugh when I think about it now. I showed it to Jericho and Soren and they were fascinated.

Troy called his mother in Germany today, because it’s her birthday. They were just enjoying a picnic lunch at a castle, admiring a view of the snow-capped Alps, no big deal…I am so jealous, I do not mind admitting it! We spoke to Nicholai too, which was good. I mean, he doesn’t actually tell us anything, but it was enough to just hear his voice today and know that he’s doing okay.

I also called Ballarat high school today and rescheduled the tour and interview that I had initially set up for this Friday, forgetting that Nicholai wouldn’t be here. The new time is on the day after settlement, so we’ll be able to pick up the keys for our new house that day too. It’s all getting so close!

Fingers crossed that I have sold the bedroom furniture that’s in the loungeroom. It’s been such a mess, but the fourth person I have exchanged messages with seems very keen and is coming by on Saturday. Hopefully they like it, give me money, and then take it away and I can just move on! If this one doesn’t work out I think I will just give up and see if I can get the Salvos or St Vinnie’s to come and take things.

I had the strangest thing happen today. I was doing the ebay ads and chatting to Troy online when my vision went weird- it was as if there was a rippling moving across my field of vision, and after doing that several times it settled into my peripheral vision. The rest of my sight was fairly normal, but the right side of my vision was all rippling and distorted. Even when I covered my right eye it was still there in the left eye. My first thought was that I hadn’t taken my medication, but that wasn’t it, and so I did what everyone does and went to doctor google (because it was either that or go to the ER in case I was having a stroke). My symptoms exactly matched the description of a scintillating scotoma or visual migraine though, and about twenty minutes later everything went back to go back to normal. It was just so strange. If it happens again I will mention it to the doctor next time I’m there, but for now it’s just one of those things.

I love Troy though. I was talking to him online when this happened and although he didn’t say anything, five minutes later he walked in the door just to check that I was really okay.


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