Monday 29th May 2017

I finally laid down the law today and told the children they are no longer allowed to jump on the trampoline. I was really hoping it would last out the couple of weeks we have left here, but with half the springs missing it had turned into a death trap. I couldn’t even bear to watch them on it – seriously, letting them jump on that trampoline this weekend was the most dangerous things I’ve ever let them do.

We are going to buy them a new one, (a springless one with the highest weight rating I can find) but the plan has been to order it and have it delivered here, then move it in the box it comes in and put it together at the new house. The idea of that was that they could use the old trampoline until the last day, then we’d throw it in the skip, and we’d put the new trampoline together at the new house as soon as possible, to minimise the trampoline-less time. Which might sound a bit mad, but Soren and Jericho are out on the trampoline every single day and I am honestly not sure how they’ll fill in their time without it. Not to mention how cranky they get when rain keeps them away from it for a day! Guess I’m going to find out how they do without it now.

The person never showed up for the bed set yesterday, and messaging today with various other people who were interested has not resulted in a solid sale yet either. Honestly, I am pretty irritated with the whole experience. I just want some money, and to move out all the bedroom furniture that is currently cluttering up my loungeroom!

I was awful today and just spent forever eating and doing nothing. I have to stop eating so much shit – I have not managed to lose very much weight at all in the past year, and I am basically putting every single little bit of it back on because I can’t stop binging and I hate it. It’s stress, I know that, but ugh. It’s difficult, because I do have some meds that are to calm me down that might help, but I’m scared to take them if I have to get in the car and drive the kids home from school. So, I just wind up eating and feeling bloated and sick and fed up with myself.

I did manage to drag myself out of my chair and pack a box this afternoon though, with a bunch of stuff that was in the top of our wardrobe. It was a bunch of keepsakes, and Troy’s Nintendo and a bunch of playstaion and Nintendo games, baseball gloves, my Royal Doulton nativity set – basically a bunch of stuff that will go straight back into the top of the wardrobe at the new house. (If we have a top of the wardrobe? I can’t remember, I’m pretty sure there is.)

I was going to pack a second box, but the rolls of wrapping paper were too tall for the boxes and the next thing I pulled out were two plastic crates of various kinds of power cords and electrical things that I couldn’t even identify, so I gave up. I’ll need to get Troy to inspect all the power cords, but I suspect I’ll wind up just packing a box full of them and taking them all with us- he likes to hang on to his technology. I mean, at one point we had twenty two computers in our shed at the Healesville house, and until a couple of years ago he still owned a dot matrix printer! As long as we have somewhere to put it I don’t mind…as far as husband vices go, I don’t think this one is all that serious!

I’m going to keep trying to pack a couple of boxes each day. As much as possible, I want to avoid having to spend hours and hours packing frantically in the last couple of days. I know that I’ll just want to UNpack everything immediately at the other end too, so I want to avoid having too much pain in my hands from packing to do that.

I’ve finally come up with a possible lesson for my last teaching day too! I wanted to take in some Indonesian food for us to share, but to be honest I just do not like cooking and the idea of having to find an Asian grocery store and shop for ingredients and do all the prepping and cooking just seemed like too much to take on at this point. (Which, I know, is about the most pathetically lazy attitude to have, but really I am pretty hopeless with this.) Also, a lot of the food doesn’t sound like it would be as good served cold, and food handling issues with that many kids are also something I need to keep in mind. However I’ve come up with a solution that makes me happy – soda gembira, which is the aptly named ‘happy soda’ that Emma and I drank all over Indonesia, made of soda water and condensed milk and syrup. It will work so easily for the classroom. I can fill our big esky with soda water and throw a bag of ice in there in the morning, so that we can use that in the drinks. The kids can all have a plastic cup and a straw, and we can just do a little production line of adding ice, spooning in condensed milk, a slug of syrup, then pouring the soda water on. The kids will love it. I have even found an online Asian grocery where I can buy the right syrup.

I also thought I’d buy a couple of Indonesian sauces from the same place (kecap manis and satay and a spicy one) and make some prawn crackers for the kids to dip. This will work well in a classroom- the kids won’t need plates or cutlery; I just need a bag of prawn crackers for each class and a few little dishes that I can refill for each group. Prawn crackers might not be the most authentic, but at least I can make them cheap myself and the kids can get the flavours of the sauces. I will have to check with school if I can do this, but I really hope I can. It would be such a fun thing for the kids to do, and an awesome way to end their Indonesian lessons.


5 thoughts on “Monday 29th May 2017

  1. Prawn crackers are authentic. Krupuk udang. Hella authentic.

    If you’re bored (ha!) and have a spot of spare time (ha ha!!) I’d suggest heading to Laguna Indonesian store on Glenferrie road, North of Glenferrie station. They often have oodles of krupuk of all different types. See if that online store has something called kripik singkong. They’re like potato chips, but have a subtly different taste. 🙂

    • Hmm, maybe we’ll have to go for a drive one day…

      I thought the prawn crackers would be okay. I just remember such a vast array of crackers while we were there!

      I sent you an email too- I was thinking that if you are still free on the 8th (it was a day you suggested for a visit), you could always come to school with me for my last day? Kids would love hearing you speak in Indonesian, and you could tell them about your trips or whatever while we nosh on crackers and dips and happy sodas.

  2. So cool that Nicholai is in Germany! We have actually booked 4 nights in northern Germany (Grömitz, if you want to look it up) in July. Not quite as exotic for us as for Nicholai – it’s our third summer holiday in Germany in a row, haha. I was actually thinking of trying out something different this year but the boys wanted Germany again, so who I am to make things more complicated than they need to be. 😉 Anyway, I hope Nicholai has an amazing trip! Look forward to hearing more about it.
    No trampoline and selling hassles suck, sorry about that. I am super impressed (and a little jealous 😉 ) of the treats you are planning for your indonesian students. Hope you can find all the supplies you need with minimum hassle.

    • I’m so jealous of Nicholai going to Germany! I have wanted to go to Europe basically my whole life, so I can’t help wishing it was my turn to go! One day, one day…
      I asked about taking food in for my last lesson today and got the okay, so that’s going to be really fun. I think it will be great to end it all on a happy note, because it has been a good experience.

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