Sunday 28 May 2017

I’ve heard from Nicholai, and they arrived safely in Germany. Over Skype messenger he said he was a little stressed, but doing okay. He must be exhausted though- he left home at 6am yesterday, and when I heard from him at 5.45pm today he said they got to Anne and Basti’s house about an hour previous, around 8.45am (this morning) German time. I hope it doesn’t take him long to settle in, and that he has a really good time.

Troy and I spent a while packing today. Last night I listed our old double bed for sale on Gumtree, and we decided to sell the bedside tables and the dresser (which we were still using) with it. We had someone want it pretty quickly, so today we had to empty out the drawers. I put some socks, undies, pyjamas and painting clothes in a bag and then packed everything else up. So for now I’m using a box and Troy is using a little round stool as a bedside table, and there are three sets of drawers, a mirror and a double bed frame and slats awaiting collection in our living room.

Although the person who wanted them said they’d pick them up this evening and it’s now 7.55pm and we haven’t heard from them, even after I messaged them earlier. So I’m thinking we might have been stood up, and I am not happy about that at all. There’s not much we can do though, so I guess we’ll just wait it out tonight and tomorrow I will contact one of the other people who enquired about it and see if they’re still interested.

We made a dessert today, which is pretty unusual for us. But Jericho was reading a book the other day where the characters were eating ‘flummery’, and he thought the name was so great that he wanted to know what the actual food was. So we googled it and learned that it’s a gelatin pudding. We found a recipe that sounded old-fashioned enough to probably be what the characters in the book were eating – it involved gelatin and eggs and sugar and juice – and we also found an easy recipe that involved jelly and condensed milk…you can probably guess which one we made, ha ha ha! But it was very light and fluffy and good, and the children were probably equally charmed by the taste and by the fact that they were eating something called flummery. A very god end to the day.


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