Saturday 27 May 2017

I really love seeing all the kids wrapped in my handmade crocheted blankets while they lounge around and watch tv on a Saturday morning. It just looks so cosy and safe and peaceful.

Although for once I was actually up and awake before the kids this morning, because I had to leave at 6am to collect Steve and Jean and take them and Nicholai to the airport. Jericho and Soren were just doing that sleepy walk down to the loungeroom to turn the tv on as Nicholai and I left.

I can’t believe Nicholai is so far away! I can’t keep all the timezones and time changes straight, but I think at the moment he’s probably having a layover in the Shanghai airport. I hope he had a good flight, and I really hope he enjoys this trip. I don’t even know what their plans are, apart from actually going to Anne’s wedding of course, so I can’t even really imagine what he’ll be up to.

I got such a giant hug from him this morning. He was really scared, but doing an admirable job of holding everything together. I’m so proud of him.

It’s going to be so weird at home without him though! It always does feel just a little bit off kilter when one of the children is gone anyway, and Nicholai is not exactly a quiet and unobtrusive personality. I have also never had any of the children gone for so long before- Emma was away in Indonesia for longer than Nicholai will be in Germany, but I was with her so it wasn’t at all the same thing! Apart from that Indonesia trip, the longest any of the kids have been away from home was Jericho’s nine day hospital stay with his burst appendix, and I probably spent about 90% of those nine days with him, so again it really isn’t the same. I suppose I just have to think of it as giving me a little taste of what it will be like at home when he eventually moves out!

I got home from my airport trip just in time to say goodbye and good luck to Jericho as he and Troy headed off for hockey. Jericho’s team has been moved up a division since they were crushing the opposition, so today was a harder game for them and they had a draw, 1-1. Their goal was scored on a short corner after the whistle though, so Jericho was pretty happy with their last minute evening of the score.

Emma’s hockey team has their first defeat last night too, 3-0. So it hasn’t been a very successful sport weekend for them, but fortunately they don’t seem to mind.

Today I went through the Indonesian worksheets that I’ve made up over the past five years, and put aside copies of everything. I’m going to leave them up at the school with the other Indo resources that they’ve bought. If they manage to get another Indo teacher then they might use them, and even if they don’t a teacher of another language might still get some ideas out of them. I’m keeping everything I made and everything I bought for myself though- it’s extremely unlikely I’ll ever be a LOTE teacher again, but you never know what else might come up.

And for once a government department has moved with commendable speed and efficiency, and our Medicare rebate went into our account this morning. So that, combined with the $9.90 refund we got from Bunnings when we returned the wrong size screws, has given a slight reprieve from penury.

One thought on “Saturday 27 May 2017

  1. Hey! So out of curiousity I looked up Indonesian positions – Newtown Primary school in Geelong has a position 2 days a week for Terms 3 & 4.
    Probably not ideal but I would be looking at Recruitment Online around October for positions for next year – or you can set up an “Search” for the keyword “Indonesian” which would send you email alerts every time a position was advertised. Also, because you have your VIT registration anyway, introduce yourself to the local schools and let them know that you are available for CRT (pretty scary, I know…) Once they know you, they will think of you when they need someone! All the best for the move!

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