Thursday 25 May 2017

Why must Jericho start arguing about bedtime every night? It is not as though we have EVER relented and let ANY of the kids stay up after the time we have decreed they must go to bed…why would we start with him? It drives me bonkers because he tries to argue, we tell him we’re not discussing it with him, it’s bedtime and that’s all there is to it, and then he gets all cranky and stamps off to bed in a huff. It’s just so utterly pointless, and it yet it means every day, no matter how nice previously, ends on an unpleasant note.

Teaching went well today. I was prepared, we were all doing some fun stuff, and it all ran pretty smoothly. As of today the school hasn’t managed to find another Indonesian teacher to replace me, so they might just have to take whatever LOTE teacher is available. It will be a bit disappointing if the kids can’t continue to build on their Indonesian, but at the same time they’ll gain a lot by being exposed to another language and culture. And since one of the possibilities is a native Japanese speaker who teaches in a couple of other nearby schools, she’ll be much better than I was so it should be really good for the kids.

Troy and I had to go to the bank and sign loan documents today. Every time I think it’s all settled, something else crops up that requires more signatures or more copies or whatever. Anyway, today was all about the loan we have, the bridging loan that we need for the three weeks between settlement dates, and the final loan that we’ll end up with. They’re all separate loans, which just seems like an incredibly complicated way to go about things to me. However I am not a banker, nor a financier, so I’ll just admit my ignorance of the process and deal with what’s directly in front of me.


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