Tuesday 23rd May 2017

The Ballarat High school principal rang me this morning, to talk about Nicholai and Emma’s enrolments. I was impressed by how quickly he got back to us, and he spent quite a while on the phone with me talking about the school and their programs, and how Nicholai and Emma will fit in with that. We made an appointment for next Friday to go for a tour and to sort out all the subject details and things like that, but I had completely spaced that Nicholai will be in Germany then. I’ll have to get back to them and reschedule it, which is slightly embarrassing, but what are you going to do?

I did a bit of packing today. Possibly too much- my hands hurt. But I’m almost done with all the books in the library- I still have a little pile for the next box, and there are four shelves that I need Troy to look at and decide what we should keep too. Apart from that there are still photo albums and scrapbooks, but I can’t really reach them because they’re behind a desk and a futon. I packed another box of Nicholai’s books from his room too – at the moment I think I could fill a moving truck solely with boxes of books. I also filled two plastic crates with decorative items, like some of the photos from the wall, the things off the mantelpiece and the dresser, all my Indonesian puppets and masks, and a vase and plastic plants.

I picked Troy up at his lunchtime and we went and bought bolts for the bed from Bunnings (the ones we bought on the weekend were the wrong size, annoyingly) and more book boxes from the self-storage place. So it really did feel like I spent a lot of the day focussed on moving.

Nicholai won second prize in a school quiz, and came home with a giant box of Favourites chocolates. (Which he did a commendable job of sharing with his siblings unprompted!) The quiz was open to anyone, and Nicholai said he was the only person doing it alone, everyone else was in teams, and he was beaten by a team of three VCE students. So he should be proud of himself.

Although it kind of hurt my heart a little that he doesn’t have any friends who would do a quiz with him at lunchtime. It’s difficult at the moment, because for a long time he’s been quite happy with his own company, but now he’s at a point where he would like friends and yet doesn’t quite know how to make it work. I really have my fingers crossed that our move goes well for him, and that he finds his own niche at a new school. I really hope that he’ll find acceptance there, outside of the somewhat insulated bubble of the SEAL class that he’s been part of for the past two years.


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