Sunday 21st May 2017

I had eight primary school jumpers from Jericho and Soren in the clean washing today. Two of them weren’t even ours! The whole situation is ridiculous- I think I need to staple Soren’s school jumpers to his body to have any hope of him keeping track of them.

Jericho and Soren are having the day off school tomorrow, as they’re coming to Ballarat with Troy and I. We’re going to have a tour of their new school, which should be interesting. I’m hoping that seeing it and knowing a little more about what they can expect after the move will alleviate a little bit of stress for them. I am just crossing my fingers that the school is good- there is literally nothing on their website or online to give me any sense of what it is like. We’ve just been so fortunate to have the kids in such a lovely, nurturing school here that I’m pretty anxious about making a change. (Not that I’m letting on to Jericho and Soren!) So with all that, I’m kind of nervous but also really glad that we’re going there tomorrow.

I packed a couple of boxes today- all my sewing stuff. I can’t carry the full boxes out to the shed, so I left them in an extremely prominent position in the middle of the loungeroom in the hopes that someone would notice them and move them for me. Someone did indeed notice them and say, “I suppose I should take those out to the shed,” to which I replied in the affirmative. I thought it was sorted. However, it’s now 8.40 pm and there are still two tea chest boxes in the middle of my loungeroom. I think we need to have words.

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