Friday 19 May 2017

I do so much laundry, it constantly surprises me. I think when the kids were little I thought that the washing would get less as they got older and weren’t wearing multiple outfits a day, but I was sadly mistaken. They take the easy way out of throwing everything into the washing basket rather than taking it to their rooms to wear again, even if they only wore it for five minutes. And all the clothes are so much BIGGER that I have to do multiple loads because the washing machine can’t handle 20kg of washing! Maybe I ought to investigate getting a commercial washing machine?

I had my last dental treatment today, for a filling and some sealers that will hopefully prevent me from needing more fillings in the future. When she drilled into the tooth it was worse than she had expected though, so the whole thing took ages. My jaw is killing me- not from anything she did to the teeth, but just from holding it open for nearly an hour.

Although I’m done, I’ll be back there next Friday anyway, because today I booked appointments for Jericho and Soren to have the sealants put on their teeth. They’ve got a curriculum day, so I thought what better way to spend a day off school than going to the dentist?

I also had an appointment with the doctor in the morning, which was really pretty depressing, as they tend to be. She had the report back from the radiologist, and I took my x-rays in for her to have a look at, and I have visible damage to the joints in my fingers and wrists from arthritis. Whether this is related to/caused by the psoriasis is not really clear- time will probably tell with that. It isn’t rheumatoid arthritis though, since I had a blood test and have no inflammatory markers, so that’s apparently a good thing. She’s written me a referral to a physio, who will be able to give me some hand exercises and explain what I should or shouldn’t do in order to alleviate the symptoms and not make anything worse. I can take painkillers if I need them, but I should keep my liver in mind and not overdo it.

The blood test also showed that my thyroid levels continue to be a bit low. I’ve been taking two of the tablets each morning (at 4am, it seemed the only solution but it seems to be working) so she wants me to continue doing that and we’ll retest in another month. That will be right before we move, so I’ll probably get her to write me out a million prescriptions so that they’ll last until I find a new doctor in Ballarat.

As far as finding that new doctor goes…I have no idea. Ideally I need someone who is both lovely and available, and also excellent at managing bipolar, depression, anxiety, arthritis, psoriasis, PCOS, metabolic syndrome, underactive thyroid, and mildly damaged livers. Not asking for much really, is it?!?!

Nicholai has lost tech for the weekend for not doing his homework. He has spent the whole evening flopping around and sighing so frequently, heavily, and dramatically, that I feel the oxygen level in the room lowering.


4 thoughts on “Friday 19 May 2017

  1. It will Be so strange in the next weeks as you start doing things for the last time before you move 😱&😃At the same time😂. That photo of Em at kinder was so cute!! I hope you all have a nice weekend xo

    • It is a bit like that with moving- it’s so strange to be doing things ‘for the last time’. It’s also weird getting notices from school about future events, and knowing that Jericho and Soren won’t be doing them.

      Little Emma was adorable! Although I have to admit, that four year old Emma wasn’t all that much fun at times, it was total tantrum city with her then!

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