Thursday 18 May 2017

Teaching today, which went pretty well. I do wonder if my instructions are really not clear- though I thought an activity today was really simple, but they all seemed so confused! I actually think that they’re overthinking it, and making it all much more complicated than it is. I’m not trying to trick them with the translations! Anyway, I explained again, and I think everyone got it in the end.

Nicholai and Emma had a curriculum day today, so they were home when I got home. It throws off my day! No American Horror Story with lunch while they’re there.

I drove Nicholai to his LGBT group this afternoon. This is the second one he’s been too, and he seems to enjoy it. It’s pretty inconvenient though- it’s in Yarra Junction and I have to drive him to it, wait for an hour and a half, and then drive him home, while Troy has to leave work early to go and pick up Jericho and Soren. It’s every fortnight, so that’s a little bit better, but I think if we weren’t moving we would have to look at him catching a bus there from school or something.

Although I’m not happy with Nicholai- despite having had all week and a DAY OFF today, he still hasn’t done his maths homework. So I don’t know…no tech over the weekend? How do you motivate the unmotivated? And why does the school not care? When did they stop making you stay in at lunch time to do homework that you hadn’t done?


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