Wednesday May 17, 2017

I was in Soren’s classroom this afternoon while he was packing up his bag (I had been listening to kids read), and I went through his cubby- he had FOUR school jumpers stuffed in there behind his bag! No wonder he can never find clothes to wear!

Emma had an orthodontist appointment first thing this morning, so I took her to the while Troy drove the little boys to school. It was just to tighten up her braces a bit, so it went pretty quickly. I asked them about transferring to a new orthodontist, and she said that they give us Emma’s file with her moulds and x-rays to take with us, and once we choose one they will write a letter to them laying out what we were quoted, what we’ve paid, and what we still owe. She said that while we may need to pay a little bit extra, for the most part the clinics try to work with each other, so that’s good to know. I did a quick google for Ballarat orthodontists, and there’s a dental clinic located between our new house and the high school that I thought I would try first. If they will take her on then she can walk herself to the regular, braces tightening appointments and hardly miss any school at all.

I think Jericho’s anxiety is starting to become a bigger issue for him now. He’s been really settled and doing well for quite a while now, but I knew the move would be hard for him. He’s not really talking about anything to do with the move, but he seems a lot more anxious in general, and that is making him act out a little bit. He’s becoming more emotional again, and his temper is once again on a bit of a hair trigger. He’s reluctant to go to school, reluctant to go to hockey…he does go, of course, and he seems to enjoy himself reasonably well, but it’s not really usual for him. He’s just a lot more negative in general- it’s hard to deal with, and it’s hard knowing that he’s just going to have to struggle through it. We’re trying to make the move as easy as possible for the kids and avoid causing them any avoidable stress, but there’s only so much we can.


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