Sunday 14 May 2017

Happy Mothers Day! I Along with my lovely sewing box I received a card from the children- Soren drew a cake on the front, Jericho drew balloons with faces on them, and Nicholai did the writing. Emma was having a sleepover, so she added her name later and drew a cat falling off the table that the cake was on- the whole thing is so funny and so typical of each child, I love it.

We did a little bit of work towards packing today. I had hoped to get the double bed and the firescreens we need to get rid of advertised online, but it turns out the bolts to the bed are not taped to the head or foot like I thought they were, and are instead missing. We searched for them as best we could but, with things having been moved around in the shed so much recently, parts of the shed are inaccessible and goodness knows where the bolts are now. Anyway, they might turn up or we might just go to Bunnings and buy replacements so we can get the bed out of our way. Anyway, since we couldn’t do anything about getting rid of the bed, we took the three boxes we had filled up with donation items down to the Salvation Army, and then I used the space I had freed up in the library to pack up a couple of boxes of books. My BSC collection filled up a box and a half.

Since it was mothers day we drove out to Troy’s mum and dad’s house for afternoon tea. It has been rearranged a bit to fit the pool table in, but it meant the pool table was there to be played on, so the boys played a couple of games. We talked a little bit with Jean about staying there for a couple of weeks at the end of term, and how that will work. Stuff like food, and how we want to work the actual moving days, and organising things…it’s really endless, but at least we’ve made a start.


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