Saturday 13 May 2017

The ache in my jaw from having my tooth out woke me up this morning, so I was rather cheated of having a weekend sleep in. I ate some Panadol with breakfast, which helped, and it’s been pretty good the rest of the day. Apart from the one moment when I was eating and attempted to chew a hot piece of chicken with the tooth that is no longer there!

I couldn’t have slept in too late anyway, because I was going to watch Jericho play hockey. It was a beautiful day for it, and sitting and knitting while I was watching was lovely. Jericho had a brilliant game too, and got the voucher for best on ground. He’s really doing well, he was doing a lot of really good, solid tackling today and his ability to read the play and respond to it is improving every time I see him play.

Jericho came in the van with me; I really do love his company. I have struggled so hard in the past to be what he needed and help him be his best self, and I absolutely treasure this rapport we have now. He is so quick and clever and sensitive, and amazingly in tune with people most of the time.

We had some things to collect and would need two cars, so Jericho and I drove to hockey in the van and Troy and Nicholai drove in the ute. The hockey was played at Greensborough, which was really surprisingly convenient for our collections- from the ground we went fifteen minutes down the road to Mernda for one, and then got the other from Diamond Creek on the way home. One of the things was my mothers’ day present- a vintage wooden sewing box – and the other was an antique Jacobean lounge suite that we’re going to use on the deck of our new house. The lounge suite has a three-seater couch and two armchairs, and is upholstered in a beautiful flowered brocade. It’s a bit dirty and could really do with a good air out (a mouse ran away when we lifted out one of the cushions, which might be slightly damp) but it also cost only $100 and is supposedly ninety years old, so you can’t expect perfection.

I am slightly concerned that I am buying furniture and adding to our total load of possessions at this point, but I am fairly sure that it will all fit into the new house. The furniture from today will go outside on the deck, the sofa bed will go into Troy’s office (both spaces we don’t have here) the two beds I’ve bought will go into Jericho and Emma’s rooms, and the desk will go into Soren’s room (also an extra room that we don’t have here). We’re also planning to get rid of some furniture too- we’ll probably list Emma’s current bed, the not-Poang chair, our tv unit, our old double bed, the Ikea double bed we had in the library, and maybe some other things on Gumtree. Mostly I just want to get rid of things, but a little bit of extra cash would be good.

Packing up the house is also going to give me the opportunity to actually consider everything we own and decide whether it should be kept or not. We’ve already got a couple of boxes of books and games for donation, just from tidying up our house for sale, so who knows how much stuff there actually is squirreled away in our house and shed and library!

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