Friday 12 May 2017

I took a deep breath and decided to act like a grown up today. The packing and moving will work out. Troy and I looked at it quickly today- he’s blocked out the Tuesday and the Wednesday to have off work, so we thought it might be best if we hire the removalists for the Monday. We’ll have the weekend to finish the packing here, then the removalists will do all the work on Monday while Troy is at work, then Troy and I will have the next two days to set up the new house. I will do the majority of the packing and unpacking, but Troy will be there at the new house to move furniture and boxes to wherever I need them to be.

We’re going to end up staying with Steve and Jean for the last two weeks of term. If we pack our bags and move in there on the Saturday then we can pack the last few things that weekend, without having to worry about keeping out things like towels and dishes and toiletries. The kids can go to school from there for two weeks. I’ll have plenty of time to do a final clean on this place, and if Steve or Jean can collect the boys from school a couple of days, I can also drive to Ballarat and spend a few hours unpacking and getting our things settled there. Then when school finishes, we will ‘officially’ move.

Honestly, the biggest issue with this plan is probably what we do with the cats during the whole thing. Move them straight to Ballarat and have them living in that house alone? Leave them here in an empty house while we stay at Steve and Jean’s, and then move them straight to Ballarat? Or move them to Steve and Jean’s with us, and then to Ballarat? It doesn’t help that they hate each other, so shutting them up together in a room isn’t an option. They are also used to coming and going as they please, so they always just go outside and haven’t used a litter box in years. They will have to start again though, since we won’t have a catflap at first.

I had my wisdom tooth out today. It’s the first time I’ve ever had a tooth out, and I was really quite scared! It went as smoothly as it could have, but all the yanking and pulling and the noise of it cracking free was really pretty horrible. I was kind of relieved that it was done lying down, and that my dentist is so short that she has to tip the seat so that my head is slightly lower than my feet…even I couldn’t manage to faint with all that. I felt pretty wobbly and sick right after it was done, but it hasn’t hurt as much as I thought it would.


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