Monday 8th May 2017

I started a list of things that we have to do before we move. So far it has 33 things on it…I am a little bit terrified.

It doesn’t help that my reaction to the (admittedly brief, but quite intense) stress of selling the house being over has been to fall into a little puddle of sheer exhaustion. I was tired all weekend and today was no betters – I drove the kids to school and washed and folded laundry, but apart from that I could barely drag myself off the couch. At least until I sat down and made the list of things to do, at which point I wanted to go back to bed!

Still, it will all work out. The list is enormous, but many of the tasks themselves are pretty simple so it shouldn’t be too hard to get a few things crossed off. And we’ve got time, there’s no big rush at this point.


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