Sunday 7th May 2017

I can’t believe this weekend is over. I’m so tired…I think I need several more days of nothing to regain my spirit.

Not that I did anything much today. I went out to the shed with Troy in the morning and moved about three things so that he and Brett would be able to access the bar, and then I came inside. Troy dropped Emma off at a friend’s house and got the ute, then after lunch he and Brett loaded up the bar and took it to Great Nana’s garage, which is apparently going to the be the family furniture storehouse now that she no longer drives and thus doesn’t have a car.

I think my next step is going to be to sort through the shed. We’ll donate or sell what we no longer have a use for, and set aside any rubbish until we hire a skip to get rid of it all. If the things we need are in strong plastic crates they can stay there, and I’ll box up everything else and start stacking boxes. That will mean that any packed boxes can be moved out to the shed rather than getting in the way in the house, and then when the movers come they will just have a box mountain to deal with.

The tables have turned when it comes to our animals! I heard all this commotion from the chicken coop this morning, and when I looked Luna and a chicken appeared to be having a fight, all yelps and barks and squawks and feathers and dust. Assuming she was the one at fault I yelled at Luna, who then skulked out of the fight and hid behind the nesting box. Turns out I was wrong about that though, because the chicken went after her! I called for Luna to come out of the chicken coop, but when she tried to run for the door the chicken pecked her and then chased her out, pecking her again to make sure the dog kept running! Then all four chickens ran menacingly after Luna in the yard, until she went and hid behind Troy. The leading boss chicken turned around and pecked my shoe, and then they all went off and started scratching around in the dirt like nothing had happened!

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