Saturday 6th May 2017

We’ve sold our house. Not only that, we got an amazing price for it and it’s being bought by a newlywed couple who want to live in it, so not a developer. I am just so happy and so relieved that the selling process is (basically) over. I know it was really a very quick time between listing and sale, but it felt like a lot longer with all the cleaning and stress!

To be honest though, it’s ridiculous of me to complain about any of it because it couldn’t have gone more smoothly really. We had thirteen inspections over about two weeks, got four offers, and accepted a price that was better than anything we’d even hoped for.

We signed all the contracts yesterday. I was driving home from dropping the boys at school when Bill called and wanted to know when Troy and I could see him- he’s received an offer than he felt was ‘exceptional’ and he wanted to talk to us about it as soon as possible, instead of waiting until the Saturday appointment we already had with him. Of course this was too intriguing to not act right away, so I collected Troy from the office and we went straight to the real estate agency. Bill’s grin as we sat down to talk, and the cheque that he had clipped to the front of the contract, gave me a pretty strong hint that we’d got really, really lucky. And we did. It’s a brilliant price, there was a cheque there for 10% of the purchase price as deposit, and the only condition that they’ve placed on it is that there be a pest inspection. And while nothing is 100% at this point, we’ve had a couple of people check under the house in the last couple of weeks (one of the developers, someone else had a builder look at it) and there has been no visible problem so I’m pretty hopeful that the pest inspection will show up nothing and we’ll be all set. Bill told us that they have been married for two months, they live with the guy’s parents in Coldstream, and the guy actually came back with an improved offer because “my wife really, really wants this house”. Maybe she just wants to move out from her in laws house, but either way she wanted our house enough to put in a really strong offer, and I’m really glad that it’s going to someone who wants to live in it. I love my house and will be kind of sad to leave it, and it’s kind of comforting to think that someone will be living here who loves it too.

The hardest thing was that Bill wanted us to keep quiet about it since everyone involved was local. He didn’t want us to run down to the office and then have the other people who had put offers in to hear it via grapevine rather than from him. This was alright for me- I just rang Mum and Dad anyway, since the chances of them somehow spreading news around Yarra Glen was beyond miniscule! Troy had to go back to the office and not say anything to anyone, which I think would have been harder!

I am just really relieved that the stress of actually selling the house is pretty much over. I mean, I really want the pest inspection to be done and to come up clear so that it’s locked in, but I’m so much calmer already. Now we can start to think about packing up this house and moving and settling into the new house, rather than obsessing over tidiness and juggling house inspection times.

They want to settle on July 4, which we can do. Our new house settles on the 14th of June, so it will mean a few weeks of bridging finance, but the mortgage broker has sorted that out for us. We haven’t worked out any details, but Troy and I are thinking that we will move our things to Ballarat when we take possession of the house there, and then stay with his parents here for a couple of weeks while the kids finish term 2 at school. Given that the new financial year starts on the 1st of July and that’s Troy’s busiest time, he wants everything in our new house to be set up and organised before that.

There are so many things to think about. But at least for the moment, I’m just happy that there has been such good progress.

I had my psych appointment yesterday and have come away with prescriptions for an anti-anxiety med and a sleep aid, to take when I need them. These are in some ways just a precautionary step- to make sure I sleep and to help me cope with the stress without spiralling down into anything more negative. Apart from that we are keeping my medication as is, since it has been working well and I need to stay on top of things in regards to moving. I made another appointment to see her in September, which will be after we’ve moved and settled in to the new house. I’ll have to drive down for it, but I think it is a good idea to check in with her. By then I will have a GP in Ballarat (this will have to be done asap after we move) and she can hand my care over to them- as long as this stability lasts I won’t need a regular psychiatrist, and if I do need one in the future I will get a referral to one in Ballarat.

Emma had hockey in Frankston last night- Troy had to come home early from work so they could leave and get there on time. She had a great game and they won, so even though it was really late by the time they got home she was happy.

Today we took a family outing to IKEA. Why????? Why did I take the children???? I realise that this is a bit much coming from me (who used to tell Dad I couldn’t do things because I had ‘lazy bones’), but oh my god my kids are so lazy! The moaning and groaning about being tired from walking through IKEA! The endless “how much more do we have to go?” The dramatic flopping down into IKEA furniture so they could rest on this death march I was forcing them to do!

Gosh, I don’t know. They just have no stamina. Although I did think it was kind of funny that the one child who had a legitimate injury that could give him cause to complain (Jericho- he hurt his ankle at school on Thursday, badly enough that he has been limping around ever since and couldn’t play hockey today), managed to moan about being tired, about being bored, about Nicholai not leaving him alone, about not even liking IKEA furniture anyway, and yet never even mentioned having a sore ankle despite limping every single step of the way. (He says it’s getting better, but if he’s still limping around on Monday I think we’ll have to take him to the doctor.)

Anyway, we had actually only gone to IKEA to get a spare part for the Hemnes daybed combo that I bought off Gumtree – it was missing a screw. But we walked through the whole thing anyway, the children moaning and Troy and I pointing out all the things we’d like to buy and have in our new house, but probably never will. We didn’t leave empty handed either (is that even possible at IKEA?) but six plastic placemats and four little tin pot planters from their discount clearance section made it the cheapest trip ever. The spare part we’d come for was free- we just went to the spare parts counter and handed over the screw we had, to show them what we needed, and they gave us back a matching one and we went on our way.

I am really so relieved and so happy about our house. I’ll be even happier in about a month, when the pest inspection is done and the amount on that deposit cheque is transferred into my bank account!


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