Thursday 4 May 2017

Today was a busy day. Teaching in the morning, going to the bank with Troy at lunchtime to pay the deposit on our new house (yay!), dental appointment all early afternoon, collecting Nicholai from school and driving him to a group meeting, then waiting for him to be. Troy already had tea on the table when I finally got home. I was so grateful for this- I am so tired and my jaw is killing me, so I’ve basically got nothing.

We had the thirteenth house inspection today too. It was a second look by a couple who had loved it, but this time they bought their son along and he talked them out of it, ha ha ha! I’m not upset about this- Bill said they are both around eighty and retired, and their son pointed out how many steps there are in our house and was pretty concerned about that. And really, he’s totally right- our house isn’t suitable for someone with limited mobility, and even if these people are quite spry now, at eighty years of age things can change pretty quickly.

Bill said he had another offer today, a sort of informal one. He didn’t tell us how much at this point, because the potential buyer wants it conditional on a building and pest inspection- so they’ve arranged an inspection tomorrow and then will formalise their offer with that knowledge. So…well, to be honest I don’t even know what’s going on! However, I am leaving it in the hands of the real estate agent and letting things unfold. There are two viewings booked for tomorrow as well as the building inspection, and then Bill is coming over on Saturday so we can discuss any offers and decide where we go from here.

The dentist appointment went okay, although it’s not fun. I am a jaw clencher and grinder, so all my jaw muscles are really tight and holding my mouth open for long enough to get a clean and a filling really hurts. Unfortunately this is only the first of three dental visits I need- there is one other tiny spot that needs filling, and then she wants to seal some of the deeper grooves on my teeth, and pull one upper wisdom tooth that’s so high and far back it’s basically impossible to clean. A couple of the kids need things done as well, so I’m going to try and get everything done before we move. Ugh, there is just so much that needs attention and scheduling!


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