Tuesday 2nd May 2017

Ugh, so tired, so stressed, so wanting to eat icecream and chocolate.

We had an offer on the house today. An insane lowball offer, $50 000 below asking price, although it was a cash offer and whatever settlement date we wanted. We didn’t even consider it- at this point it’s only actually been advertised for five days, and there is enough interest and enough positive responses that there’s no way we’re looking to take a low offer. Especially not something like that, which is so far below what we’re asking (and what somewhat similar places are going for) that it’s kind of ridiculous. The agent has booked in two more viewings over this week, on Thursday and Friday, and seems pretty confident that there will be more offers. I really, really hope so – I know that real estate can move slowly and it takes some people months to sell houses, but I don’t think I can cope with this stress for too long.

I had my blood taken this morning, and discovered that the phlebotomist (who I’ve always quite enjoyed having a chat to) is pretty racist, which was a little depressing. I then went and got some prescriptions at the chemist, and made an appointment to start my dental work on Thursday.

When I got home I went out to the shed to start moving everything that was on or around the pool table. It’s being moved to Steve and Jean’s tomorrow, and since we’ve just been using it as storage it was nearly buried under piles of our junk. It will open up quite a bit of space in there once we take it out, and there’ll be even more space once we get rid of the bar as well. Jean has hired professional movers to move the pool table (it’s an antique slate one, it weighs a ton) but the bar is going to be stored in Nana’s garage and so Troy and Brett will just move that with the ute. Once the pool table is gone we can begin stacking packed boxes in that space, and still be able to get around them to access other stuff in the shed. I told Troy he’ll have to talk to Brett about moving the bar sooner rather than later though, it’s tucked away in the back corner and if we don’t get it out before we start filling the space up with boxes it might get trapped.

Nicholai’s punishment of no electronics continued this afternoon, much to his displeasure. He tried to argue it, and then when that didn’t work he tried to rally support by telling me how unfair the rules about electronics are to Jericho and Soren. I think he rather wanted them to join in and start a mutiny or something, but they both just seemed a little confused as so why he was on their side about anything.


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