Saturday 29 April 2017

Three more viewings of the house today, so there have been eight potential buyers through it. A couple of them have apparently been very keen, and have asked for the vendor statement as soon as it’s ready. It should be done on Monday, so Bill is going to send them out to the ones who have requested it and then follow it up a couple of days later so that anyone who wants to make an offer can do so. Bill is never more than cautiously pleased, but he said we might well have a couple of offers by the end of the week.

It will be so good if we can sell it quickly. The uncertainty of it is really stressful, and having to be constantly cleaning and badgering the children to pick up after themselves isn’t exactly a peaceful and harmonious way to live.

I think it’s starting to get to me too. Today I was talking to Jean and she was kind of haranguing me about starting to pack, and I kind of started crying. I don’t know, it was so stupid- I think it was partly that I’m just SO TIRED today, and I’m stressed about the whole moving deal, we have no money, and I love my house and am so sad to leave it, no matter how good the new house is or how solid the choice to move is! Plus, she was just going on and it’s not necessary- we’ve got six weeks or something til we settle on the new house, and as I said to Jean today, we’re not Adam and Susan! Just because they don’t pack anything up until the weekend before they move doesn’t mean we are going to do that! We’ve got time to pack stuff, I think I have a reasonably realistic idea about how long it’s going to take (and I work one day a week- I’m not exactly short of hours in the day to pack) and right now the priority is selling the house, not packing it up. Frankly, at the moment I can’t pack, because I don’t have anywhere to store the boxes so they won’t be in the way when it comes to people inspecting the house! By the end of next week the pool table will be out of the shed (it’s going back to Steve and Jean’s house) so that will give us a bit more room to start packing and organising ourselves. And if we’ve sold the house then I can stop trying to make it look nice and just start packing everything and leave the boxes wherever they end up.

Jean’s not usually like that, so I don’t really know what it was all about. I guess she doesn’t want us to move, so it’s not her favourite topic of conversation?

Jericho had his first hockey game this morning, and we all went along to watch. They won 6-1, so the team was pretty happy. It was a good game too, and didn’t actually look like such a rout while we were watching. Jericho played really well, I’m really impressed with the way he and Emma have both started off the season.

From the hockey ground we went to Brett and April’s house, as for her 40th birthday she wanted people to go round there and build her a chicken coop. I have to admit I was not impressed with this concept, and since it turned out that they had bought an actual chicken house thing, and what they wanted was people to build a chicken wire fence around this to make a little yard, it made even less sense to me when we were actually there. I don’t know why it took a team of people to make this fence, and I don’t know why they have a fence and the chickens can’t just peck around in the yard. So…whatever. I was just too tired and too over everything to be social with people I don’t know, so I spent a lot of time sitting down petting the dog and in the end I played word games on my phone with Soren. Which of course is the absolute height of rudeness and I can’t justify behaving so appallingly, but frankly right now I DON’T CARE.

Once we were finally allowed to leave the party we came home for an hour or so, where the children spent their poker chips and I continued to fill online shopping carts and watchlists with furniture that I can’t possibly afford, and then we had to leave so that whoever it was could come and look at our house. It wasn’t super inconvenient- we went to the supermarket and bought some things for tea, then came home for bath, tea and bed. Now the kids are all quietly tucked away for the night, and Troy and I are going to watch MMA.

Tomorrow Soren has a birthday party to go to, and Troy and I are going to go and pick up a desk for him to have in his new room. We don’t have any real money, but I’m pretty sure we can cover the $1.29 price tag of this ebay desk from the spare change in the car, so at least that’s good.


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