Friday 28 April 2017

Our house is listed online! It looks amazing- I would move in myself if I didn’t already live here. Although I absolutely could not stop laughing when I saw the ad- they photoshopped a fire into our fireplace!

I don’t know what time the ad went up, but the real estate agent called me just after 4pm to say that someone had seen it and made an appointment to look at it tomorrow. We also had a viewing this evening, which apparently went pretty well. Actually, Bill the real estate agent only ever says the inspections were “okay”, but the guy from today wants to see the vendor statement as soon as it is done, so that really sounds pretty promising.

It was Emma’s first hockey game tonight and she scored the only goal, giving her team the win. She’s so good now, and she loves playing, which is awesome. I’m so glad she’s found a sport that she really likes.

We all went to watch her play tonight. I try and makes sure that we all go at least once, and tonight’s game was at home at a reasonable time. Since we also had to be out of the house while the inspection occurred, AND had some shopping to do, it made sense for it to be tonight. We dropped Emmanuella off at the hockey field to warm up and then went to Knox to buy sneakers for Soren, and a present for him to take to a birthday party on Sunday. We picked up some tea, and were back at the hockey field in time for the game.

My lovely house!

4 thoughts on “Friday 28 April 2017

  1. Looks great! I remember having to cleat all the crap off the kitchen counters and every other flat surface for photos and viewings. Thank heavens that house sold within a week! It sounds as if you have lots of interest, so fingers crossed your place sells quickly.

    • Oh god, yes…to take those photos, so much stuff was just shoved in cupboards, and when we were doing the kitchen I just moved all the bench top stuff into the bathroom to get it out of the way, then back again.
      Ours should sell pretty quickly i think. There’s been a lot of interest, and things do tend to sell fast here. We’re also not holding out for a higher price- it’s priced pretty attractively, as we’d rather just sell it and get things done than have to mess about with bridging finance etc.

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