Thursday 27 April 2017

We had another person come and inspect our house today, which was the fourth inspection. There was another person who wanted to come and see it tomorrow but couldn’t work it out, so they are planning to reschedule early next week. Our listing should go online tomorrow too (fingers crossed) so hopefully that leads to a lot of interest and some inspections next week. Ideally there will then be an offer, but I’m trying not to get ahead of myself.

The inspection was at 5pm today, so I had to get the kids to pack up and then we all went and picked Troy up at the office. We spent a very leisurely quarter hour in IGA buying something for dinner, and then came home once the agent had left, so it wasn’t the most convenient of times it wasn’t too bad.

I taught this morning. Most of it was great, but there’s the one class I always have trouble with and it was a disaster today. One kid ended up visiting the principal, if that gives you any idea. It is so, so hard to front up to them every week with lessons planned and a determination to keep it positive, and then have the same couple of kids just kick it back in my face and ruin it for everyone. It basically has me dreading every single Thursday, and coming home after teaching feeling like shit. I need to try not to think about it, and think more about the other three classes I teach that all went really well.

Actually, today was quite fun- I had the seniors over in the art room painting their masks for the first hour. They were all happy and having fun, and I always love a chance to watch kids create. I’m doing an animal a week with the foundation/1s, and today was the ikan paus (whale) – they have to write the name in their books and then draw one, while I stick the picture up on our ‘kebun binatang (zoo) wall. Kids’ drawings are so great.



This is one of the masks, made by one of the biggest sweethearts I teach – I laughed so hard when i saw it.


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