Wednesday 26 April 2017

I am so sick of cleaning my house.

They took photos of it today, which involved much cleaning on my part, then a whole lot of ‘hide it out of sight’ while they were actually taking the pictures, then putting everything back once they were done. Hopefully it will be worth all the trouble when the photos bring loads of potential buyers flocking to our house, and they all want to buy it and then engage in a bidding war that reaps us millions of dollars. Ha!

It was craft today and both Catherine and Miffi came, which was good. Between people being sick and school holidays we hadn’t seen each other for ages. I think I’ll miss doing craft with them once we move- we’ve been doing craft together in various places and to varying schedules for probably twelve years now.

I spent my craft afternoon doing my planning for tomorrow, and then doing some knitting on my cardigan, so that was productive. It was also productive in another way, as I have found our chickens a home with Miffi. I didn’t even know she wanted chickens, but when I said we weren’t taking them with us to Ballarat she jumped at the chance. She also said that she’d love to buy our dresser, if it will fit in her house- we were sort of offering it with the house, but if she wants to buy it we can probably work something out. So we’ll have to see about that.

The weather has finally turned cold, and today was freezing. I had to break out my thermals to take Jericho and Emma to hockey training tonight.

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