Monday 24th April 2017

I have two cats and a dog and my house is cleaner than it has ever been before, yet today I spent five minutes watching a teeny tiny little mouse come out from behind the stove and take a little jaunt around the kitchen floor. He was so confident that he even stopped several times to groom his whiskers!

Actually, perhaps it’s that my house is so clean that the mouse came out? Probably he can usually just nip out from behind the stove and find a couple of crumbs in an instant, now it’s an expedition to find anything on my shiny clean floor.

We lost a chicken for a while today. Not lost as in died, but lost as in it took a walk and we didn’t know where it was! Lauren from the real estate agent came by around, and she mentioned to me that she was greeted by one of the chickens on the front lawn. By the time I’d shown her around and then gone out to look for the chicken, it had completely disappeared. I searched the yard and out in the street, but there was no sign of it, so I just had to give up and hope that it came back on its own. It did, a couple of hours later I saw it out under the Japanese maple and ran out and grabbed it, but it was ridiculous. Why would the stupid bird leave the backyard in the first place? It has everything it needs out there! It’s the chicken that is always heading off by itself in the yard…I think she must have an independent spirit, which is not something I ever thought I would say about a chicken.

Lauren is the person who writes the ad copy for the real estate agency. It turns out I’d actually met her before- they used to live three houses down the street and she and I met at the primary school on voting day once. Anyway, showing her around the house was delightful because she loved everything. Obviously writing the ads her job means she HAS to look at the positives, but it was much nicer to show her around talking about all the good things than it was to show Bill around as he mumbles about unrenovated kitchens and old carpets and how much we need to mow!

The photographer is booked in to take photos on Wednesday, so with that and Lauren’s copy we should have an ad up quite soon- fingers crossed! Although, Bill told Troy today that he’s been in touch with the two people who looked at it last week and they’re both still interested. One of them is looking into financing, so that could be promising. I still want to get the house up on though. The people who have seen it so far are developers, and although in the end we’ll sell to whoever offers us the money we want, I would love to see it go to a family who just want a home and they’re more likely to come from seeing the internet listing.

I spent all morning cleaning it though, since Bill had said he’d try and get the photographer around today. Of course now it’s not happening until Wednesday, so I’ll have to do it all again that morning, especially since tomorrow the kids are home for Anzac day and will no doubt trash the place! Although we’re going to get them to help finish off spreading the stones on the driveway (we got more delivered today), there’s also the march that we might go to, and Great Nana’s birthday afternoon tea. She’s turning ninety tomorrow…that’s amazing.


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