Sunday 23rd April 2017

Not much going on here today. Troy worked outside a lot, mowing the yard and finishing off spreading the gravel over the driveway. He’s going to go to the garden supply place tomorrow and organise another load of stones, so he can finish it up on Tuesday since he doesn’t have to go to work because of Anzac day.

I didn’t really do much- a lot of wasting time on the internet, some cleaning and a lot of laundry. I went through the blanket box at the end of my bed, mostly because it would not longer shut and so I needed to tidy up the sheets and doona covers that live in there. I discovered that we own an entirely unexpected amount of single bed doona covers- how did we ever accumulate so many? This inspired me to go around and collect all the other doona covers that were on spare bedding stuffed into various places around the house (this netted me two MORE single bed doonas, and a queen doona cover) and wash them all so that I can assess what we own and cut it down. (If anyone needs any, let me know). Although the new house has a giant linen cupboard, so I will probably have enough room to keep everything if I wanted to!

My hands hurt a lot today, so I spent a bit of time feeling sorry for myself about that. I am just so wretchedly frustrated with this constant stream of ailments! I have made an appointment to see the doctor about this one, although I couldn’t get in for another week. I think that it’s actually two related issues – there is the finger that I hurt when I was in Bali that has never come good, and then there is the general aches and pain in my fingers/ wrists/ elbows that may be an arthritis flare. I was diagnosed a few years ago with psoriatic arthritis, which at the time I was a bit iffy about, and then when the pain eventually eased off I just pretty much forgot about it. However now everything hurts too much to ignore it, and I have a couple of other symptoms that match psoriatic arthritis, so maybe he was right after all. I want to talk to my current doctor about it all because she’s really good, and also because what I was previously told to do about the arthritis was take ibuprofen, and I need to check if that’s still okay to do with my liver issues (and the four hundred million other prescriptions I have).


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