Saturday 22 April 2017

I’ve had a busy couple of days. House, car, kids…it’s all been going on.

I taught Thursday morning, which went well. It was actually a really easy start to the term, because I only had to teach the little ones since all the middle and senior kids had an inter-school sports day. It was lovely to just focus on the small grades for the day, there are some really nice kids in there.

I was glad I had more time at home with some of the classes being cancelled, because I had to run around and primp up the house again for an inspection. Having such a clean and tidy house feels a bit weird- it’s an odd contradiction between loving how it looks and feeling like I ought not be in it and messing it up!

When the house inspection time arrived I went to the office and Troy and I walked round to the garden supply place to order the gravel for the driveway. They were certainly quick with it- by the time Troy and I had grabbed lunch at the bakery and I drove home, the guy was already there with the truck. He dumped it all by the side of the house, and Jericho and Soren had a fun time running up the stone mountain when I bought them home from their sports day.

After Troy finished work, we left his parents in charge of the children while we drove over to Hampton to collect the bed and trundle that I’d bought on ebay. This one is white and will be for Emma, so now we have beds for all four of the children’s bedrooms at the new house. It was a really long drive at that time of day – I’ve almost finished buying furniture now, but I think I need to try and find it closer to home!

We stopped in Lilydale and picked up Andrew on the way home. He’s back in Melbourne for a week, and I said he could sleep in the library for a night or two in exchange for helping us re-stone the driveway. It might sound like a somewhat peculiar situation, having an ex-boyfriend sleeping in our library, but it really just worked out for all concerned. Everything that happened between Andrew and I was so long ago, and I’m so happy and content with Troy, that it’s just a matter of helping out an old friend who needs it right now. Besides, given the hours he spent shovelling gravel around my driveway (in the rain), I feel like I got the better end of the deal! All he got was a lumpy futon mattress in our library/furniture storehouse and a ride to the train station!

Friday I took the boys to school and then drove the car to Blackburn for the service. We were nearly 2000km over the scheduled service point, which sounds ridiculous, but we had to wait almost a month for this appointment and we’ve done a lot of driving to and from Ballarat in that time. Originally I had planned to drop the car off, walk to the train station and take a train to the city to go on a Pokemon walk, but the rain made that a lot less appealing. I had my kindle, so I ended up walking to the Blackburn library and going in and reading for a couple of hours. I walked to the op-shop after that and bought two Paul Jennings books for Soren and Jericho, then the car was ready so I picked that up and drove home.

I picked up lunch and Andrew on the way home, and then Bill rang to say that he had someone call him looking for a property in town with potential for development, he was only in town for one day, and would it be possible to bring him round to our place? I said yes, planning to go home and do a blitz clean, but then the phone rang again and this time it was Kerrie from school saying that Soren had fallen over and hurt his knee and could I come and collect him? So instead of home I turned right onto the bypass and went up to the school.

Soren was lying on the sick bay bed with his leg propped up on a pillow and an icepack on his knee, looking very sad and sorry for himself. He’d been running on the oval and he’d slipped and come down really hard on his knee. It doesn’t sound like anything out of the ordinary, but he’d kind of come down on the top of his kneecap- he hadn’t skinned his knee at all but it was looking kind of swollen and lumpy and beginning to bruise. He could still walk so I knew it wasn’t anything terrible, but it was late enough that it just seemed kinder to let him miss the last lesson and take him home. I was going to take Jericho too, but he had arranged to go to Ethan’s house after school so he stayed while I raced home and cleaned everything like a crazy thing, since I now had half as much time to do it in.

Then I had to hurry even more, because the mum of Jericho’s friend rang me up to say that her car wouldn’t start and she couldn’t get to school to collect them, and since I’d be going up to collect Soren anyway could I possibly get the boys and her daughter and bring them to her place? Of course Soren was right beside me and I didn’t need to go up to the school at all, but I didn’t want to leave her in the lurch so I just said yes and loaded Soren into the car and drove back up to school.

We dropped off three kids at Jericho’s friends’ house, then I went to the office to collect Nicholai and Emma since I’d told them to go there instead of home due to the house inspection. We stayed there talking until Troy finished work, and then we all drove home and I was so frazzled and over everything that I left them all to it and went and hid in a bath.

I got out of the bath and then put the dog into it and washed her. I am paranoid about our house smelling like dog when people come to look at it- both our new house and the Scarborough Crescent house smelled like animals when we looked at them and I didn’t like it, and I don’t want people to feel like that when they come into our house. So along with all the cleaning I’ve been using my diffuser and opening the doors and windows a lot to keep the house smelling fresh, but making the dog herself not smell seemed like it could only help. I might wash her bed too, since her crate is right next to the door when you come in. Although perhaps that’s just a bad choice and I should move the crate?

Today has been mostly about working on the driveway, at least for Troy and the children. My hands have been hurting me too much lately to do something like shovel rocks, (which is part of the reason we roped Andrew in to help) so I was only helpful in a supervisory and ute-moving capacity. But the kids worked on it for an hour, and Troy worked on it for a lot longer, and it’s looking pretty good. The front half of it is completely done, and the backyard is really coming along. This was the last big job we had to do, so we can finish it tomorrow and then the real estate agent can come and take photos and we can get moving on advertising. (Unless one of the two people who have looked at it in the last couple of days come back with an offer- fingers crossed because that would be great!).

I did act as a supervisor to the children in doing the front yard, and I did a lot of kicking stones and spreading them around with my feet, so I wasn’t completely useless. I had to laugh though, Soren was raking and he said to me, quite seriously, “Is this working for the man?” I said that while his dad was A man, he probably wasn’t THE man!

I also laughed tonight when we were doing good thing/ bad thing around the dinner table, and 3 out of 4 children said their bad thing was the blisters they got from working…I think that says something about the level of effort put in by that fourth child! *cough*Jericho*cough*


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