Wednesday 19 April 2017

You know, I try and be a conscious parent. I try and incorporate values and beliefs into every aspect of my parenting, and something I have always worked at is raising children who are all strong feminists. And then there are days like today, when I wonder what the bloody point of it is when so much of the rest of the world is so totally fucking oblivious.

I took Emma and Jericho to hockey today, and while I’m waiting for them to be done and doing my knitting, I can’t help overhear the conversation of the two women next to me. These are women about my age, basically fairly successful, educated, and professional women. One of them has both a daughter and a son out training on the field, and as she chatting to her friend I heard her say that her daughter was wearing her son’s old hockey club shorts to training, since they no longer fit him. Which is something that would probably not even have registered with me if it hadn’t been linked to her next sentence, which was, “I told her she has to wear her skirt to the games though. I just think they look so nice playing in skirts, I don’t want her wearing those shorts.”

What the fuck?!?!?! These are teenage girls playing hockey, and yet she thinks it’s more important that they ‘look nice’ playing in skirts than that her daughter wear whatever makes her feel comfortable? And the skirts are super-short-hardly-cover-their-asses-sports-skirts, versus the general baggy athletic shorts that the boys (and some of the girls, there aren’t any rules against girls wearing shorts) wear, so it’s definitely not some version of modesty. It’s just…she’s a girl, and so her appearance matters, and it has to match some arbitrary, fucked up standard. And that instead of thinking how well her daughter plays, or what a good team they are and how hard they all work and how much they’ve improved, she (and probably half the rest of the world) are only thinking about the way they look. Ugh.

The house inspection today was cancelled, although it’s been rescheduled for tomorrow. Since I’d already done most of the cleaning and tidying for this inspection (things like kitchen and bathroom that will need to be redone for tomorrow) I was not exactly impressed. But there’s not much to be done about it but shrug my shoulders and do it all again tomorrow. At least I only teach for an hour (the older grades have a sports day) so I’ll have plenty of time to get home and do it after that.

Bill the real estate agent came round for a little bit, to take some measurements to do the floor plan and tell us what we need to do for the photos. He wants us to mow the back yard again, and weed and re-stone the driveway (which we had already had planned). The driveway is a big job but we knew we’d have to do it, so that wasn’t a surprise. Really, I’m glad that’s all it was. Bill wants us to use the maintenance company he uses to weed and do the stones, but I don’t think we have enough money to pay people- Troy has poisoned the grass and weeds (which is actually making it look worse at the moment, as it’s dying off) and we’ll just have to shovel the stones around to cover it up ourselves.

I started watching American Horror Story today. I bought them in Indonesia so I’d have something new and interesting to watch while I did my knitting. I watched two episodes today- I’m not sure that I’m brave enough for this show.


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