Monday 17th April 2017

Last day of the holidays today. I think the two younger boys are pretty ready to go back to school, as they seem to be getting a bit bored, but Nicholai and Emma are rather unenthusiastic about the idea. I’m not looking forward to it either, to be honest- it’s been good having everyone home.

I suppose it will at least be easier to keep the house clean with everyone out at school for most of the day. And someone has made an appointment to view our house on Wednesday, so it needs to be neat. We should probably talk to the agent about getting photos done and our house listed online too- we might get more money if more people inspect it and want it, and have offer a better deal than each other!

I drove to Spotlight this morning to buy buttons for the baby sweater. I found buttons but it was a disappointing trip- it looks like they’ve cut their fabric department by at least half since the last time I was there, and it was already a lot smaller than it used to be. They’ve changed their button supplier too, and the button selection was not as big nor as good! It’s a little depressing that their sewing and craft sections are shrinking, and having less selection. I’ve noticed it with their yarn too, that they seem to have a lot less variety and price range than they used to. At least for good wool yarn I can get Bendigo Woollen Mills stuff online I guess, but that isn’t as fun as being able to actually go and browse.

Anyway, I did buy buttons and finished off the baby sweater this afternoon, and it’s so cute! It’s such a tragedy that I never learned to knit in time to make my own babies all these adorable little snuggly woolly clothes! Soren had a couple of pairs of knitted pants, but that was about as far as it went. It’s really too bad, because I’m much better at knitting now!

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