Saturday 15th April 2017

We had the Easter bonfire at Steve and Jean’s place tonight. It was pretty good, the fire had heaps of smallish branches and leaves and it was really dry, so when it was lit the flames just whooshed up to the sky practically right away. Not having too much big, solid fuel meant that it burned out more quickly than other times too, so we were home by about 7.30. The kids had fun playing with their cousins, Troy became a marshmallow roaster extraordinaire, and I finished knitting the second sleeve on the baby sweater, so it was pretty successful all round.

Although we did learn that once we move to Ballarat we will lose the Shell card, which is the fuel deal we have with Troy’s parents, so our car expenses will increase a lot. This freaked me out a lot- money stresses me and I hate worrying about it. We’ll just have to see how we manage it though- Troy’s business related travel expenses will be tax deductible (although we’ll probably have to pay for them first? I don’t know) and I think our day-to-day car usage will decrease a fair bit. I mean, now I drive 40km every weekday just getting the boys to and from school, and to and from hockey training is another 70km on Wednesday night (games on Saturday are a minimum 70km round trip- the furthest ground we play at is 70km one way). Add in a couple of 30-40km supermarket runs, then a 60km round trip to Costco or my psychiatrist, and it all kind of adds up. We won’t have that in Ballarat, so hopefully not having the Shell card will not be too bad of a financial hit.

(But looking at that…how much time do I spend in my car????)

The boxes I bought through Gumtree were a pretty good deal. Troy and I went to pick them up this morning, and I was really glad we had a van to put them in because they took up a lot of space! Over half of them have only been used once, and most of the others are in pretty good shape. There was also a box full of bubble wrap and butcher paper. Between all those boxes, and the new boxes we have already bought, we’ll get a lot of our stuff packed, and once we’re done with them I can just resell everything that is still good, and hopefully get some of my money back.

So far I’ve packed three boxes. They’re all full of picture books, and considering my youngest child is eight and no longer really even reads picture books, you can see how much trouble I am having letting any books go. (There is at least another full box worth of picture books that are on the shelves inside the house!) Still, we do have a pretty big pile to donate, and if we don’t have enough room for them once we move then I can go through them again and donate more. I think all this packing and sorting is going to be a really long process.


One thought on “Saturday 15th April 2017

  1. I live within walking distance of almost everything, and Stu doesn’t even drive, and I love it. You do spend a lot of time in your car right now! You’ll save a lot of money by driving far less. My older kids took public transit to secondary school, as I did, which was cheaper and much less frustrating than driving them to and from school. Perhaps that will be an option for you, too.

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