Friday 14th April 2017

I keep thinking about our new house. Lots of things about furniture and layout and things I want to buy…I might have to hold back on the buying until we’ve sold our house. Although I’ve been scoping out Ebay and Gumtree a lot lately, and I’m pretty confident that I’ll find everything I want there, since it’s mostly just a few pieces of basic bedroom furniture for the kids’ rooms. (Of which they will each have their own! I am clearly still hung up on the absolutely astonishingly luxury of a five bedroom house.) Nicholai will keep the furniture he has now, and once we are in the new house and can see the space we will buy him an armchair if it fits in. Soren will keep the bunks that he and Jericho currently share, since it has all those underbed drawers and he can keep his clothes in there since he’s too short to reach a wardrobe hanging rail. I want to buy him a desk, so that’s on my list of things to watch out for. For Emma and Jericho we have a few bits of furniture- it depends on what else I find and what it matches as to who gets what. I can’t help wishing I could just go out and buy everyone new and perfectly coordinated bedroom sets (which makes me roll my eyes at myself!) but it’s kind of fun trying to make up matching sets from cheap second hand pieces bought from random people.

Troy will need office furniture, but he will choose that. We are going to get a couple of new couches too, but we are going to buy those new once we have moved. At the moment in our lounge room we have a 3 seater couch and matching single armchair that we bought off Gumtree a while ago, as well as an Ikea Poang chair and an Ikea not-Poang chair (that no one ever sits in because it’s just not that comfortable- even the cats reject it). I sit in the armchair and Troy sits in the Poang chair, so the kids only have three couch sits to sit on. This was no problem for a surprisingly long time, but they’re just really too big to fit now. So they will really feel as though they are moving up in the world- a new house with a bedroom each and enough couch space that no one has to sit on the floor!

I want outdoor furniture too, but that is something else that we’re going to buy new. A sturdy, comfortable outdoor furniture set will be something we will use for years, so I want to get something that will last.

It all sounds like a lot when I write it down. Want, want, want! There’s certainly no rush though, so I will probably end up talking myself out of most of it.

We are going to get two new tvs at the new house though. They’re wall mounted and wired into the wall, and the lady who owns the house said she’ll leave them, so there we are. Nicholai has already suggested that he will give the tv we already own a good home in his bedroom.

We will have to buy a new clothesline once we have moved too. There is one that folds out from the wall, but it isn’t even big enough for me to hang up one load of washing.

I have to admit I’m also looking forward to having an actual laundry again, instead of a laundry-in-a-cupboard like I’ve had since our extension. The cupboard laundry works fine, but the new laundry has a full wall of cupboards and bench space, which will undeniably be better.

I’m slightly doubtful about not having a shed anymore, since we have had shed storage in both our houses and made full use of it for storing crap. The new house has a double garage that is big enough for us to put our garage shelving along one wall, and we can store our camping stuff there, but we’re going to have to get rid of a lot of stuff we wind up keeping ‘just in case’. There is a garden shed where we can put the lawn mower and the wheelbarrow and whatever. Although the front yard has fake grass in it, so there’s not going to be a lot of mowing to do! I am kind of hoping that once we’ve moved and our house has sold and everything, that we’ll be able to get someone to come and landscape the back yard. It’s kind of a mess now, and ever since Elle and Craig did their backyard I have wished that we could get someone to do something in our yard. Troy is somewhat less enthusiastic about this (he’s all “but we can do it ourselves” and I’m just….err, no) so we’ll have to see. I may as well daydream about it now, before reality catches up with me!

I went out to the library today and continued sorting through all my books. I’ve managed to fill a box with ones I will donate, which doesn’t really seem like enough. I may have to do another sweep and try and be more ruthless. We just have so many! And that doesn’t include all the books that are in our actual house and not out in the library, and the two boxes of pictures books that I found today.

I have arranged to buy 40 used moving boxes for $40 tomorrow though, so that will help with organising all these things. I did not realise that there was a thriving market in used moving boxes until I came across a couple of ads on Gumtree. I then looked up how much moving boxes cost to buy new, nearly choked, and immediately started keeping tabs on the ads until I found one that was both cheap and nearby.

I am so tired. I couldn’t sleep last night, and lay awake so long that my nighttime medication kicked in and made me ravenously hungry. This did not help with the insomnia! In the end I got up and ate two bowls of cereal and yoghurt (which is why I take this one just before I go to bed, the effects is has on appetite is crazy- apparently they have given it to chemo patients to make them hungry enough to eat) and then watched Seinfeld until I fell asleep on the couch.

At least the children make me laugh. Yesterday in the car it was revealed that Nicholai’s nickname amongst certain people in his class used to be either Leprechaun or Lucky Charms, because he was so short. Lucky Charms made me laugh so hard I could barely drive, and then it led into a long discussion on nicknames. To cut a long story short, the children have renamed each other- Lucky Charms, Dilemma, Jerrybean, and Spit-stick.


2 thoughts on “Friday 14th April 2017

  1. Your mind must be going a thousand miles an hour….. I’ve looked at your new house 2 times today😂. Hopefully you get some sleep tonight xoxo

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