Wednesday 12 April 2017

Stressful day today. Cleaning and sorting and organising all morning. Troy had a management meeting at work to discuss his decision to work from home. I picked him up, then we gave the kids to Steve and Jean for the afternoon while Troy and I went to Ballarat again to look at another house.

Once we looked at it, this house posed something of a dilemma- while it is not what we want, it is priced at a point that we could buy it and then make it what we want. And although it isn’t what we want, it’s workable as is until we could do an extension.

So we discussed this a lot, and ultimately decided that we liked the house on Copeworth Court better and that we want to put an offer in on it. Ten minutes after we’d come to this conclusion, we had a phonecall from the Copeworth Court real estate agent to tell us that someone else was planning on putting in an offer for it, and were we still interested? We said yes, and we will place an offer tomorrow, but someone else putting in offer first certainly puts that in doubt.

So we then started discussing the house we saw today, but after doing a little big of checking we have now realised that even if we buy that house, we can’t break the lease and kick the tenants out. And since the house was on the ‘to rent’ list when we first started looking at moving to Ballarat, it’s pretty likely that the tenants are no more than six weeks into a twelve-month lease. It has obviously been leased by a family with two or three kids at the local schools (one of the daughters had a school photo pinned up in her room) so I don’t imagine that they would be interested in ending the lease early. The bank won’t lend us enough money to cover buying a new house and keeping the one we have for any length of time, so if we bought a tenanted house we would still have to sell ours, and then be homeless for a potential six-eight months.

It’s all a lot more complicated than I was expecting.

And just to add to the stress, we have someone coming to view our house tomorrow afternoon. So we’re going to have to do a massive clean up in the morning (we’ve been tidying up a lot, but that has involved a great deal of the kind of sorting out that actually ends up making more mess that needs to be vacuumed/ swept/ scrubbed), then I have to take two hours out of doing that to get Emma to the orthodontist to have her braces put on. So tomorrow is going to be pretty busy too.

Although I suppose we should know by tomorrow afternoon whether our offer for Copeworth Court has been accepted, so at least that particular stressor will no longer be an issue. I’m also pretty sure that Troy’s mum and dad would let us live with them for a few months while we were homeless, so if we were going in that direction we could probably work things out. According to Bill the potential buyer for our house is someone who can spend up to $600 000 and is looking for a place with a big backyard so that he can get his vehicles (whatever kind of vehicles we’re talking about) off the street. And considering that our driveway goes down to the rear of our yard to a giant shed, plus a carport (that we currently have as our a chicken coop, but that would be easy to change) it seems as though it might be a good match. So we’ll just have to wait and see how that turns out.

Troy and I put together the ikea daybed today. Although the seller wasn’t exactly fully truthful in his description- it was listed as being near new, but it’s missing a drawer handle and someone had also stuck Christmas sticky tape on it like a border, which did not come off at all cleanly when I tried to remove it today. I’ll have to take to it with some eucalyptus oil. Even so, it was a great bargain and I really love it now that it’s put today. It also came with a thin Ikea mattress, and a rather new and very comfortable pillow top single mattress, that won’t work with the bed to make a double bed but is better than the mattress my daughter is currently sleeping on. So I think we’re going to give that one to Ems, and buy a second Ikea mattress to match the other one.

The daybed was put together in the library, so while Troy was doing that I was sorting through the books. I have decided to cut down on our library, and give away books that I’ve read once and will probably never read again. I was really determined to be ruthless, but half a (small) box of books later I think that my version of ruthless is…not very.


Yes Ootchy Mootchy, I feel that way too.


One thought on “Wednesday 12 April 2017

  1. Your Days are sounding so busy with so many things to think about…. it might be this way why your buying/selling but OMG it still seems all exciting. I hope Em goes well tomorrow with her braces xoxo

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