Tuesday 11 April 2017

Today feels like it has lasted a million years. I am exhausted However it was all highly productive, so even though I am tired to the point of tears it was still a pretty good day.

We started with cleaning; with the kids involved that was an absolute delight, let me tell you. SO much moaning and wailing and gnashing of teeth! I even drove the ute back to Steve and Jean’s and collected our van, just to get away from it. But Jericho and Soren picked up most of the mess from their floor, as did Nicholai. Emma and I went through her clothes (she’s grown out of practically everything, again) and then she sorted through the Barbies and Polly Pockets in her underbed drawer so that we could empty it ready to pass the bed on.

I washed the screens and the inside windows of the two end bedrooms, painted over the mould marks on our wardrobe ceiling, finished sweeping off the deck and poisoned a bunch of weeds. Our house still looks like a bit of a disaster, but at least we’re making some progress. I think.

We left mid-afternoon for Ballarat. I finished knitting the body of the little sweater while we were driving, and got one of the sleeves back on the needles and did a few rows. I love when knitting starts to look like the item of clothing (or whatever) that it’s supposed to be! This sweater is going to be really cute.

We met the agent at the house that we wanted to take a second look at, and were able to go straight in. This second look was very favourable actually- I really, really like this house. The kids liked it too- they’re funny the way they go around choosing their bedrooms and wanting to know where the Lego would go and where they would watch tv!

From that house we drove straight to the other one. I have to admit that after our previous viewing appointments being cancelled I was almost surprised to be finally having a look at it. There was a lot that I liked about this house- super fancy spa bath in the en suite being the main one, ha ha ha! This house is bigger than the first one and I really liked the extra living areas, plus it has a big shed in the backyard, but it’s also more expensive, the kids’ bedrooms are smaller, and it doesn’t have as nice an outdoor area. It’s closer to bus stops, but a ten minute longer walk to the high school.

I’m still glad we finally went and saw it though, because seeing it made me feel pretty confident that the first house we looked at is the right one. I like that it’s in a court, I like that Troy would have a nice, big home office, I like the bathrooms (despite the lack of a bathtub in the ensuite, I must admit that’s a downside), I love the covered outdoor deck, I love all the storage space, and I love that the bedrooms the kids would have are really spacious. I also like the price- once we buy it and sell our house we will have enough money for Troy to buy a new (secondhand) car for his commute, and I can buy paint and some new furniture that will fit our new space.

I don’t know, I mean we have to talk a bit more and talk to the mortgage broker and to our real estate agent here, but yeah…maybe this is it.


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