Monday 10th April 2017

31. There were thirty one random socks in the bottom of Jericho and Soren’s wardrobe, stuffed out of sight in drawers, or shoved down the crack between the bed and the wall. THIRTY ONE! That’s FIFTEEN PAIRS of socks!!! That’s a pair each for a whole week, with a spare pair left in case someone gets wet!!!

In case that didn’t give it away, we began the monumental task of cleaning up Jericho and Soren’s room today. It felt like we spent all afternoon in there (although it was probably about an hour and a half), but since we spent most of the time going through all the clothes in their wardrobe and in their drawers the room looks like it hasn’t been touched. However we achieved quite a bit, since we had to do the hand-me-down shuffle and then throw out everything that was too worn or had holes in it, and bag up the things that are outgrown. It’s actually really convenient at the moment, the boy clothes move straight from Nicholai’s wardrobe to Jericho’s, and then straight from Jericho to Soren. I don’t have to store anything, and it’s lovely!

I was also relieved that we had enough hand me downs for Jericho and Soren to have a reasonable amount of clothes without needing to buy much at all to fill it out. Soren needs new long pants for school, and Jericho doesn’t need anything at all. I knew Nicholai and Emma both needed winter pyjamas so I bought them online the other day. I discovered today that Nicholai only owns one windcheater and could probably do with an extra pair of pants, but he’s okay for other things. I have to go through Emma’s wardrobe with her tomorrow, but I think she’ll probably be the one who needs a whole new collection of clothes – she’s a bit taller than she was last winter and she’s also filled out a lot more, so I’m pretty sure she’s moved out of girl’s sizing and into the women’s section.

We really have to get a move on with the cleaning though, because the real estate agent here called Troy today and, athough we haven’t even signed up with him yet, he has a buyer looking for a house and they would be interested in ours. So that could be good! Perhaps our luck is beginning to turn?

Actually, I already felt lucky today because I managed to nab the daybed/sofa bed I’ve been coveting through an ad on Gumtree. I’ve missed out it a couple of times before, but was finally successful. It’s the Hemnes daybed from Ikea (in case anyone enjoys the Ikea catalogue as much as I do, ha ha ha), and rather than paying $867 for a new one I have picked it up second hand for $150, so it really was an excellent stroke of luck. Admittedly it did require a drive to Hopper’s Crossing today to collect it, but even that wasn’t too bad. It was just Troy and I, and I did some knitting and we talked and it was good. Apart from the moment we nearly had an accident- with all the rain the road was bad and at one point we went into a roundabout and did a giant skid sidways and then some crazy fishtailing out of it – it was horrifying and I’m SO glad that there weren’t any other cars in the roundabout or we would have probably totalled the ute.

Hopefully our luck will hold through tomorrow, because we have appointments to view two houses and I really don’t want it to be called off again! It will be one new house and a second look at the Copeworth Court house which we are strongly considering putting in an offer on if it holds up to further inspection.

Troy starts hockey tonight, so I’m home alone right now. Well not really alone- there are four other people here but they’re all in bed! Troy’s game is at 9.15 at the State Hockey Centre, and it’s cold and raining…he really couldn’t have a worse start to the season.


One thought on “Monday 10th April 2017

  1. I just went and had a look at a Hemnes day ex and that will be perfect. Good luck tomorrow with your house hunting, I hope you have fun and drive safely xoxo

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