Sunday 9th April 2017

It rained pretty much all day today, and was cold enough that we even turned the heater on for a little bit. Since I had nowhere to go and nothing really pressing to do, I thought it was lovely. Not everyone shared my joy in it though- not being able to get outside at all turns Jericho and Soren into crazy beast boys and they drove the rest of us crazy at times.

I finished going through all the kids’ art and schoolwork that I saved, and have filed it all away neatly in separate file boxes. Nicholai, Emma and Jericho also have giant size scrapbooks that I used to paste their stuff in to before life ran me over and I gave up. Soren doesn’t have one because by the time he came along I absolutely couldn’t find the same size sketchbook, despite visiting multiple Officeworks and Riot Craft stores and searching for one. Poor child doesn’t have a baby book either- well, not one that has anything written in it beyond his name and birthday. I’m sure as an adult he will think I didn’t love him. Although I probably have twenty thousand more photos of him than I do of the others, so perhaps that will make up for it.

Jericho’s file box is the most full. He is a both a creative and prolific artist, and I love all his pictures and the names and stories that go along with his characters. Nicholai’s is the least full. This is partly because I was more organised with his things early on and he has a lot more pasted in his scrapbook than the others, partly because he did not like to draw for fun, and partly because I can’t read his handwriting on half the things he wrote and so I gave up and threw them out.

And I’m sure everyone else I know is much more organised than me in regards to these things, but a word of advice- if you are just dumping stuff in a pile and plan to sort it later, make sure you write the kid’s name on it! While I’m sure at the time I thought I’d always remember which of my precious darlings did the artwork, it’s years later and…I don’t. I mean, I can make some pretty educated guesses on most of it, but they have gone through similar stages of drawing and Soren has definitely been influenced by Jericho in regards to that, and Jericho and Soren also have really similar handwriting at various ages. So it’s a bit of a guessing game sometimes. Although some things are consistent- if it has lovehearts on it Emma did it, if it looks like a boy’s drawing and is coloured in then it will be Soren’s work (colourblind Jericho has no interest in colouring), and if it has a llama on it Jericho did it. Nicholai’s horrific handwriting and uniqueness makes his things pretty easy to tell.

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