Wednesday 5th April 2017

I finished painting the bathroom today, and Troy mowed and whipper snipped the front and back yards. It’s like we don’t even live here.

Well, apart from the mess everywhere else. It’s quite considerable- school holidays are not a very neat time around here.

I also dragged the dog house and the old dog trampoline bed off the back deck and scrubbed them. I’m going to take them to the Animal Aid and donate them. They can either use them there or maybe sell them to someone adopting a dog who needs an x-large dog bed and doghouse. The dog bed has a few rips in it, but it can still be used as is or they can buy a replacement cover. The kennel scrubbed up beautifully- it was filthy, but it’s always been kept under cover so as soon as I scrubbed off all the grime it looked good as new.

I found a good single bed with a trundle on Gumtree today, so I texted the seller and then went and picked it up this afternoon. I’ve wanted to replace Emma’s bed with one that had a trundle for a while, and this one was a good price and somewhere I could go and collect it. I think it should be reasonably similar in colour to her desk too, which is nice- I love the idea of the children having matching furniture sets in their bedrooms, but buying most things second hand makes that a bit hard to achieve.

Nicholai came with me to collect the bed, in case the person selling it wasn’t able to help me load it in the car for whatever reason. Emma and Jericho had hockey training, so Troy drove off in one direction with them, and I drove off in the other. At first I was going to take Soren with me too, but I wasn’t sure how much space the bed pieces would take up in the back of the van and if I’d need to have all the back seats folded away, so he had to go with Troy and the others. Nicholai was not really all that thrilled to be accompanying me on this errand, but in the end it was actually quite nice. I mean, when else does he have me as his captive audience for two and a half hours in a row?

Emma has the orthodontist tomorrow, although it’s only to put spacers in her teeth so it should be a pretty short appointment. We have to go back in a week to get the actual braces. I suppose this week I should let her bite all the apples and eat all the chewy candy she wants, because she won’t be doing any of that after the braces go on!

We were hoping to go to Ballarat to look at another house, but we’re still waiting on that. Troy rang the agent about it on Monday, but the house is currently being rented and the tenants are certainly taking their time in responding to the real estate agent. I get it, I mean it’s certainly not in their interests for the house to sell, but in this era of mobile phones and constant communication I think two and a half days of not responding to a phone call is pretty rude. Although they must have only moved in quite recently, since a couple of weeks ago when Troy and I were looking at the pros and cons of renting versus buying in Ballarat we saw this house listed in both the ‘to rent’ and ‘to buy’ sections.

Anyway, I’m not sure about this house- there was no floorplan included in the listing which makes it a bit more of an unknown. It’s an older house and cheap, plus the agent said to Troy that there was a bit of work that could be done it, so we’re not expecting great things. At the same time, it’s a four-bedroom house with a bungalow in a great location for what we want, so it might be worthwhile to buy it cheap and then put in the money and effort to shape it to what we want. However, we need to look at it first and so I just want these tenants to respond to the agent!

So yes, once again I am being thwarted when it comes to my house buying attempts. I am starting to wonder the universe is trying to tell me something.

Anyway, this is the house we want to take a look at.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday 5th April 2017

    • I don’t like the red room either! I would hate a red bedroom…maybe that can be one of the kids’ rooms?? Ha ha, that would be mean – I would paint it for whoever had to sleep in there.
      I hope it’s good. Although really, i just hope we get to SEE it soon – I can’t believe how difficult it has been to view houses.

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