Tuesday 4th April 2017

Today felt a bit more relaxed than yesterday, but we actually got a lot done…I don’t know, maybe I should sell houses more often if it makes me this productive.

Em’s friend Tegan was dropped off this morning, and then Troy and I bundled all the kids into the car and headed off to go op-shopping and visit Great Nana.

The shopping was delightfully successful. I had the idea the other day to go to the op shop and buy some nice/ cute/ whimsical china to use as planters for my succulents, and it worked out better than I hoped. I got four things, and the most expensive one was $5, so I think I did well! I could have bought loads more actually, but I forced myself to show some restraint- I can go back another day for more. I think it’s going to make my little collection of plants look lovely. They have no drainage holes so I will have to be careful about over-watering, but since they’re all kept under cover I can control that.

The boys all chose some books, and Nicholai also got a shirt and tie that he can wear to the wedding in Germany. Troy got two woollen sweaters (one is merino, and so soft), a polo shirt, and a jacket. I also found a pair of jeans that will fit either Jericho or Soren- for $2.25 I figured I’d just buy them and work out who can wear them once we were at home. Emma and Tegan looked at all the wedding dresses and formal dresses and then lounged around on the sofas for sale talking.

We went to visit Great Nana so we could tell her that we are moving to Ballarat. I have to say I think it will be fun to be old and able to just say what ever you want…when we told Nana we were moving the first thing she said was, “Well, I’m sorry about that.”

I painted the bathroom in the afternoon. I managed to do the whole thing, so now there is just one small section that will need a second coat tomorrow and then it will be done. It looks lovely- I mean nothing is going to make the bathroom look new and shiny, but the paint at least makes it look fresh and clean for selling the house.

The other thing I will have to paint is the kitchen wall behind the dresser- when I painted I couldn’t be bothered to move it (and at that point I was planning on living in this house until I died) so I just painted the wall that you could see. I don’t think it would be very nice for whoever buys our house to think that they’re getting a nicely painted grey kitchen and then move in to find a bright yellow wall with a ragged grey paint border around it! So it has to be done, but it can wait until some other time.

Troy poisoned the rest of the driveway while I was painting. We’re going to spread a layer of crushed rock over it, which will just make the yard look a little neater. The garden beds, the driveway and the painting were the ‘big’ jobs that needed to be done, after that it’s just mowing and cleaning everything. We’re going to make sure we go through the kids’ room with them over the holidays and pack up what we can and tidy up everything else so the house is ready for photos and viewings. That process is going to be pretty stressful and difficult for everyone I think, so I’m really hoping that it doesn’t drag on too much.


My new planters- I couldn’t fill them all up because I ran out of potting mix, but how nice do they look?!


2 thoughts on “Tuesday 4th April 2017

  1. You are a painting whizz…. you seem to get it done so quickly and I think your little plants will look adorable…. I might need to copy that idea😊

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