Monday 3rd April 2017

Today turned into a somewhat dismal day, as our plans for house hunting once again fell through. It was the same vendors who have cancelled two viewing appointments previously, so it wasn’t wholly unexpected but I was still really disappointed. The agent was keen to set up another appointment but we said we wouldn’t for now- it’s a five hour round trip for us to look at a house, and we can’t keep rearranging our lives to fit in appointments that are just going to fall through. The vendors are an older couple and one of them has been sick and in and out of hospital, which is why the viewings keep being called off- it’s understandable, but it also makes it pretty pointless for us to keep making appointments so we told the agent that we would wait until they are more settled before we would do anything else.

With that house unavailable, it didn’t really make sense to drive all that way for a second look at the other house at this point, so we cancelled that. We also had a call into another agent about a different house, but he didn’t get back to us at all. Troy did manage to speak to the mortgage broker, but he couldn’t give us any immediate answers and after that conversation Troy said he thinks we will probably have to sell our house before we can buy anything anyway.

So the whole buying/selling thing is just a mass of questions and obstacles and stress that have me on the brink of tears, and really just wishing I had never had this stupid idea in the first place!

I didn’t really expect it to be simple, but I have to say that I feel as though we’ve been a little bit unlucky here. There were three houses that seemed to meet all our criteria, but we have only been able to view one of them. The other two both have vendors who are sick and don’t want viewings for an unspecified amount of time, which makes it impossible to plan anything. Although considering how pessimistic I am feeling right now it probably doesn’t make any difference, since it seems we can’t afford to buy anything good anyway.

I really need to just get over myself I think. But honestly, I’m so stressed and frustrated by this situation that it’s really difficult to just try and relax. I am also really tired, which doesn’t help.

Although we could do nothing in relation to buying a house today, we did at least do a little work in relation to selling one. Troy poisoned the driveway from the road at the front to the plum tree in back before he ran out of poison, and I finished weeding and mulching the garden beds in the front yard. I also painted about three quarters of the bathroom. I would have liked to have finished it, but by the time I’d done that much I was feeling sick from the paint smell and my hands were hurting too much to continue.

I forgot to ask the doctor about my hand when I had my appointment last week, which I’m kicking myself over. It really, really hurts after doing all that today, even typing I am kind of wincing when I have to use those fingers. I should make another appointment and get it looked at, but frankly I just have too much else I need to do right now.

We got the first bill for Emma’s braces today. She doesn’t even have the braces on her teeth yet! Orthodontia is so expensive, the stress of paying for it all is killing me right now. And in case anyone thinks I’m overreacting here, the total cost of Emma’s braces is $6500. And this is in addition to the $2000 we’ve already spent on her expander and that process, so basically Emma’s mouth is going to be the most expensive thing in our house. I’ve told her that if she doesn’t still have all her own teeth in perfect condition when she’s ninety, I’m coming back from beyond the grave to haunt her.


Okay, it’s later now and I am feeling much better. Troy and I have talked a lot about where we’re at and what we’re thinking about in terms of the move, and I’ve settled down a lot. I think part of my stress was that he hadn’t really said anything about his preferences and thoughts, and I have just been driving myself mad thinking in circles. But we’ve talked and agreed on a few things, and now I feel a lot calmer about waiting for answers from the mortgage broker and the other agents. Moving house is ranked as one of the most stressful experiences you can have on those stress factor tests, so I should expect days like this. No doubt it will all work out in the end.


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