Sunday 2 April 2017

We had a Heinze family reunion today, with Jean and all her cousins and their children/grandchildren. It was pretty funny for Jean to be the ‘baby’ of that generation of cousins, and the only one who is still under seventy apparently! Some of the family history was interesting, but I thought it was kind of sad that Great-Nana is the only one left of that generation. I don’t know, I mean I obviously knew that a large proportion of her contemporaries are dead (she’s going to be 90 at the end of this month), but looking at the family tree and all the birth and death dates, and listening to Jean and her cousins talk about their now dead parents/aunts/uncles made it feel awfully real. Great Nana had two children die, one as a newborn and the other as an eight year old, and now she’s had to just watch as her friends and husband and peers are lost too. It’s a lot of grief. Although she still has quite a few her siblings actually- they are a long lived family I think!

The kids were good at the gathering today. Nicholai is quite sociable in his way and not shy about talking to people, so he had quite a good time. Emma spent the whole time with her cousin Alex, so she probably had the most fun. Jericho and Soren ate a lot and went exploring- it was held at a bush camp just outside Yarra Junction, so it was a pretty cool place to go walking.

The place is called Camp Eureka- it has strong ties with the Australian Communist party, which Kevin’s brother was really into. They used to go camping there. There’s a communal kitchen and dining room, meeting hut, and open sided gathering place with tables and a stage, as well as rough bush toilets and various huts built in the bush. Actually, hearing about the history of the camp was one of the more interesting things about today and I wouldn’t mind knowing more. I remember we have been there before, the last time there was a Heinze reunion. I’m not sure exactly when this was, but I’m pretty sure it was when Nicholai was a toddler because I remember having to watch him every single second so that he didn’t fall in the river or into a fire or tumble down a hill or run into bull ants or snakes or other assorted creatures! At least today they could all be trusted to enjoy the place in safety.

I am getting a cold, so today was not so great in that department. My tonsils hurt, and there’s a build up of pressure in my ears that isn’t exactly painful, but isn’t exactly pleasant either. I’m really hoping that it won’t develop any further, especially considering it’s the school holidays now and we’ve got so much we want to get done over the two weeks.

We’re back to Ballarat tomorrow. Hopefully Troy will also be able to talk to the mortgage broker. I’m really, really hoping that it will be possible for us to buy without having to sell this place first.

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