Monday 27th March 2017

I had a lovely day today. I dropped the boys at school in the morning and then kept driving, to go to Bendigo and visit Ellen. It was such a good drive, I was just feeling all happy about visiting and the weather was great, the scenery was pretty, and there was no one else there to make me feel embarrassed about singing really loud.

It was good to see Elle. And funny little Quinn- she was so adorably smiley and her squeaky little girl voice just slays me. I got to see how Ellen has arranged the kids’ rooms since the last time I was there, and the veggies and other plants in the backyard. I love their backyard, it’s really so perfect for the kids to play in and it looks so good. I know that backyard space is something we will be sacrificing a bit in our move, but it would be excellent if we could find something like Ellen and Craig have done.

We had chicken and Turkish bread for lunch, and then Ellen drove us to Bendigo Woollen Mills. It was awesome! I’ve bought their yarn online several times and I love it, but it was so much better to be able to actually see all the different colours and types. And touch it all- so nice! Anyway, I bought some yarn to knit for Benita’s baby, and a random bag of blue wool/bamboo blend oddments. I don’t know what I’m going to knit with that, but that’s one thing about moving to Ballarat – it’s cold in winter, and walking the kids to and from school will give me an excuse to wear hats and gloves and scarves, so I can feel free to just knit them up.

Although in regards to our move, we are not really off to an auspicious start! Last week we found three houses that we wanted to go and look at. One of them we couldn’t go and see because the vendor was sick and not having inspections, so we put it off and made appointments to view them tomorrow. However today Troy had a call that vendor #1 was still sick, so we can’t see that house, and then he had another call that vendor #2 was also sick, so we can’t see that house either!

So we’re down to just house #3, but we thought we may as well go and view it tomorrow anyway. One of the other houses will be available for inspection at the end of the week (I think), but the vendor of the other one has just come out of hospital, so they weren’t sure when we might be able to see that one. Troy is seeing the bank on Thursday, which will give us a better idea of how our finances might work (basically, can we buy a house without selling this one first or not) and depending on how that goes we might make an appointment to go and see the other house. It will be school holidays by then so the kids will have to come with us – I would rather not have the kids with us when we inspect the houses, but if they have to be there then we’ll deal with it. We had thought about going to Ballarat on the holidays with them anyway, just taking a drive around the neighbourhood so they could see what it’s like, see the school, the playground, that kind of thing. I think that Soren especially will feel more secure about the whole moving issue if he can at least imagine a little bit what it will be like.


Oh, and in case anyone wants to see, this is the house we are going to see tomorrow. Copeworth Court

This one Scarborough Crescent we might be able to see at the end of the week/ next week, and who knows when/if we’ll ever be able to see this one Belltower Ave


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