Sunday 26 March 2017

We had a day at the zoo today, and it was great! Mum and Dad drove down from Hamilton and we met them there at about 11, then we wandered around for a few hours. It would have been a long day for Mum and Dad – it was for us and we didn’t have to drive anywhere near as far. It was good to spend the time with them though, especially since we can’t go and stay in the holidays this time.

The zoo was busy, but less crowded than it has been the last couple of times we’ve been. I mean, we actually got to park in the asphalt carpark, instead of the overflow area for once! Less people made it easier to wander around and look at things without having to wait in lines too. The kids were pretty good- they got tired at the end but there was hardly any moaning and it was really quite fun to just hang out with them.

I even resisted the lure of all the pokestops that the zoo is bursting with and kept my phone off. I took a lot of photos instead, and although I got some good ones the majority of them were pretty disappointing. It’s very disheartening.

Soren spent the day walking around looking like someone had bashed him in the mouth though. I have no idea where it came from or why it was in the car, but while we were driving along Soren had a small plastic jar that he was suctioning to his face by putting it over his mouth and breathing in. He did this with enough force that the next time I looked at him, the area within the suction was bright red and purple. In other words, he’s given himself a giant hickey around his mouth! It really didn’t wear off either. He was really embarrassed about it once he realised what had happened, so we told him he could tell them at school that he got in a fight…looking at it later I think that might not be a good idea, it looks pretty bad and we don’t want any questions asked!








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