Saturday 25th March 2017

Troy and I started in on the front garden today. We were going to do this during Troy’s time off anyway, but with selling the house we thought we really ought to get to it sooner rather than later. The garden was not too bad, the trees and shrubs are all growing pretty well and look lovely, but it badly needed to have all the weeds pulled and mulch laid down. We managed to get about two thirds of it weeded before the green waste bin was so stuffed full it couldn’t take another blade of grass, and by then we were both so hot and sweaty that we were ready to quit. I really want some cooler weather to move in!

We had to go to Bunnings first though, to buy the mulch we need to put down. This took much longer than expected, because as we got to our regular Bunnings we remembered that it was our school’s turn to run the sausage sizzle there, and I had told them that we couldn’t help because we were busy…I didn’t want to risk anyone from school seeing us and catching me out in my lies, so we kept driving to the next Bunnings along instead, ha ha ha.

Anyway, we will have to finish the weeding and put down the mulch another day, as that is the main task in the front yard that needs to be done before we put the house on the market. The other big job we have to do out there is the driveway – we are going to poison all the grass that is taking it over and then lay down a new layer of gravel. The driveway goes all the way down to the shed in the backyard though, so it counts as a backyard job as well…I think I really need to write a list.

And to be honest- I really kind of hate gardening. I think in our new house, a lack of garden beds would be a blessing.


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