Wednesday 22 March 2017

Hockey training has started again, so I had the chance to have a good talk with Emma on the drive. I love my girl so much, and I’m so proud of the way she’s growing up. She’s not having the easiest time of it with her friendships at the moment- there is a bit of mean girl behaviour going on, and although it’s not directed at Emma it still upsets her. She’s a very sensitive girl, and I really wish she could find a kindred spirit.

I had to pick Jericho up from school today after they rang saying he had a stomach ache. They’ve had a couple of kids go home with stomach aches and it turn out to be gastro, so they were being cautious. Jericho wasn’t really sick though, and he felt fine after a little while. He still had to miss his martial arts group, which was a pity since it was the second last lesson.

At least we didn’t have to go back to school and collect Soren later, since it was Wednesday and he had swimming. Although as it turned out Steve forgot to pick him up, and I had a phone call at 4 from Kerrie saying that she had an upset Soren in the office wanting to know who was going to coming to get him. My poor baby! I felt really bad, even though it wasn’t our fault.

Soren’s doing really well at school. His teacher caught me at the end of school yesterday and asked where all the brains came from…what am I supposed to say to that? Perhaps I should have said that they come from me, and that I’m really a genius. Or perhaps not. Anyway, it’s lovely to be told about how clever my children are, and I’m always glad to know that they’re working and learning well. Soren is in a really good place at the moment- he’s happy at school, he’s reading a lot, he loves jumping on the trampoline and making comics and following tutorials for drawing pokemon. I love seeing him so absorbed and involved in his own world.


Omg, completely unrelated, but my teenagers are driving me crazy! Their attitude to homework, their appalling table manners and questionable personal hygiene…where did I go so wrong???


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